Bonnaroo Day 4: Against Me! Is Reinventing…Itself

Seeing Against Me! Perform live, one wouldn’t understand what former fans of this punk rock quartet have to gripe about.  They were one of the hardest rocking collectives at this festival, playing to an audience of shirtless skins, denim clad punks, and innocent bystanders that didn’t know what type of fist pumping they were in for.

They were teenage anachists

The “audience” could no longer be referred to as such when the first galloping notes of “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” were struck, it transformed into more of riot, an amorphic mosh pit that spilled out of This Tent into the burnt and shriveled grass and mud.

The ruckus didn’t skip a beat when the band charged into “Rapid Decompression,” a powerful little number off the band’s latest release, White Crosses, that lasted less than two-minutes, yet was actually able to take us to a new level of madness described best as an unruly mob of slam dancing hooligans.

The self titled single off White Crosses, the track that “hardcore” fans seem to have a beef with, came next.  The song rips into the many flaws of the Catholic Church with guitar hooks, and choruses, and catchy lyrics, and apparently that’s against the rules of Punk Rock!  If it’s good enough for The Who, The Clash, and The Ramones, it’s good enough for any punk band that walks the earth, so get over it!

One captivating pop-punk single deserves another as the band followed up with “Don’t Lose Touch” off its 2005 effort Searching For A Former Clarity.  The song is slow building but explodes after the first chorus.  It’s a track that begs for repeated tossing of the fist into the air.

The band performed “White People For Peace,” and “Bamboo Bones” followed by “I Was A Teenage Anarchist,” a song that wouldn’t be out of place on a Bruce Springsteen record.  This is the track Tom Gabel and company addressed to all the “fans” that turned on them.  “I was a teenage anarchist, the revolution was a lie!” yells Gabel before the final chorus kicks back in.  This song is basically a big “fuck you” to all the scene punks that have no loyalty or integrity, you know who you are.

Here's looking at you doll

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