Bonnaroo Misc. & Etc: Buzz Osbourne

Buzz Osbourne of The Melvins

This Sideshow Bob looking character is Buzz Osbourne, front man of The Melvins.  If you don’t know about The Melvins let me give you the basics.  They played grunge-rock before it was a genre.  Osbourne is the godfather of Seattle Sound movement in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Kurt Cobain was Melvins fan boy and it’s quite possible that without Buzz Osbourne and his band Nirvana would never have existed.  I got to chat with Mr. Osbourne for about 47 seconds and he was just as sarcastic as the history books describe him.

So, Buzz this is your fist time playing Bonnaroo, how are you enjoying yourself?

“I hate it, hate everything about it, how about you?”


“You look like you hate it, you hate everything about it.”

Too hot, but it’s not awful.  You guys are playing tonight right?

“That’s correct.  I wouldn’t be here if we weren’t.”

Are you sticking around to catch any other acts?

“Not a chance, we gotta head out anyway, we play Georgia tomorrow.”

FUSE Reps pulled him away after that.  Goddamn FUSE ruins everything.  Cool guy though.

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