A Few Words With David Dargahi, Guitarist Of The Postelles

Dargahi at Bonnaroo

The last time I spoke with you was the morning after your opening night set at Bonnaroo.  A lot of bands (Phoenix, Cage The Elephant, Vampire Weekend, etc) get huge after a solid Bonnaroo showing. You guys had two outstanding performances on the farm this past June. Have there been any noticeable changes in your surroundings? Have crowds been larger, have your performances been more well received, have more notable news sources come calling?

“I think Bonnaroo was an amazing opportunity and we definitely come across people all over the country who say “hey! i saw you at bonnaroo” so yeah its definitely helped.”

Albert Hammond Jr., lead guitarist for The Strokes, produced four tracks on your upcoming self-titled debut album, due out October 12. How did his presence aid the recording process? How did he influence the band’s sound and playing style?

“Albert was great to work with in the studio.  He is a perfectionist in the best ways and showed us how to truly record your album properly.  We learned everything we know about recording through him.”

More specifically, how did he influence your guitar playing?

“He showed me how to get specific tones I wanted and taught me the best way to get the truest tone is to try to achieve it on the amp and guitar alone and then add pedals when needed.”

The guitarist for arguably the best rock band to emerge from the past decade aided in the recording of your debut release. How did this situation arise? How did your relationship with Hammond Jr. spark?

“When we were in 11th grade we saw Albert walking down the street outside a venue we were about to play. We told him we loved his work and would be thrilled if he checked out our set.  He did and the rest is history as they say.”

What do you hope to accomplish with this debut album? Where do you hope
it elevates The Postelles to? Where do you expect to be this time next year?

“I think we achieved what we wanted on this debut album.  We wanted to put together the best collection of songs from the past couple years of forming this band and we wanted it to sound live and exciting.  Who knows where it will take us but we’re definitely ready for the ride.”

What’s the story behind the album’s fourth track, “Boys Best Friend”?  Is this track based on actual events?

“Boy’s Best Friend was inspired by a true story where Billy and Daniel liked a girl who ended up being a lesbian.  One summer we were all reading Hemmingway’s “Garden of Eden” and realized the story is very similar to what happened to Billy and Dan so we wrote a song about it.”

Maybe I’m reading into this too deeply but it seems to me like there’s a three-act story being told on your White Night EP where a party animal has fun for a few years in New York City (White Night), the character becomes bored with same nightly debauchery (Fell Asleep On The Dance Floor), the character has a drastic lifestyle change…”Let’s make a toast to self control..” (Looking Glass).  Is there anything to my theory?

“The best thing about music is that it can be adapted to each persons viewpoint so while we may not have specifically planned that out i think it is definitely applicable. Good work!”

The official music video for “White Night,” track number one on the band’s upcoming debut album.

You guys are currently touring with Interpol and Twin Tigers, how did this tour come together? Who set it up? What do you and these other bands have in common that is making this tour work?

“Interpol has been one of our favorite bands and it is a thrill to see them night after night. We are honored to be on the bill with them and thank them for taking us out.”

The Postelles is a band on the brink of becoming huge and yet mentally you still seem grounded and humble. For instance, you agreed to speak with me despite being courted and requested by much more well-known news sources than myself. How have you managed to maintain a level head when everyone around you is telling you how great you are and are going to be?

“No one interviewer is more important then the others.  You’ve asked some great questions!  We don’t like people who act like there better then others so as a band we try to do the same.  We’re down to play any type of show, answer anyones questions etc etc and we will always stay that way.”

What bands are you guys listening to right now? My readers and I are always
looking for new music, who do you really like that we should be aware of?

“Beach House put out a really beautiful record. I’m sure everyone is aware by now but the new Arcade Fire is really special.  We can’t ever stop listening to The Band so make sure to get all of their albums.”

I really enjoy your cover of The Ramones’ “Beat On The Brat.” What are the chances you guys will lay that down and release it?

“I think its definitely possible we’d release it but for now you can see live videos of it, which may be the best context to see it.”

“Beat On The Brat” As Performed By The Postelles (via. nickydigital.com)

I have a lot of friends and readers that are in bands. So, from The Postelles to a bunchth of musicians that hope to reach the level you’re at, can you leave them with any advice?

“I think you just have to play the music that you know how to play and not overextend yourself to try and do something that is trendy.  If you’re a punk rocker and love The Ramones then I’d say make music inspired by that.  I think it’s easy to tell when bands are doing honest.”

There were more questions posed but I suppose there is some information that the band cannot disclose.  I have attained a copy of The Postelles self-titled debut and will be posting a review of it soon.  Look for it.

And if you are in the area, do yourself a favor and catch these guys at a show. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

August 5 – The House of Blues w/Interpol in Boston, Mass.

August 6 – Northern Lights w/Interpol in Clifton Park, New York

September 18 – DC Nine in Washington, DC

September 24 – Great Scott in Washington, DC

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