Green Paper, Cat Cosentino, and Jake Ehrlich Take The Edge Off At WTSR’s “Decaf”

Green Paper (Jeff Lane on lead guitar and Tomm Hart on vocals)

When I heard that an acoustic jam session was taking place on my college campus, visions of shirtless, shaggy headed, Joe Bro’s strummed six-strings in my occipital lobes.  With cookies, music raffles, and a bill that included Green Paper, Cat (Cosentino) and Jeff, and Jake Ehrlich, what I anticipated was far from what took place at WTSR’s Decaf.

Green Paper strips down (Lane, Hart, Mike Mendonez)

Green Paper stripped itself down to open this acoustic show, invading our minds with soulful, peaceful tunes as a three-peace with Jeff Lane and Mike Mendonez on guitars and Tomm Hart on vocals, literally chiming in on the glockenspiel occasionally.

Hart caps bystanders with his "glock"

As Hart put it before the show, “You’re not going to hear any acid riffs tonight.”

Instead, the band played songs like its opening number “Summer,” which is less Animal Collective and more  of a bluesified Local Natives type-track.  But I hate labeling acts, so you can judge for yourself:

Green Paper threw a relaxed change-up at us.  Nobody in the audience had a bad trip.  I didn’t have to come to terms with seeing blue and yellow patio furniture turn into 1000 snakes.  This performance was soothing.

Stay on the lookout for Green Paper’s upcoming full-length debut Fire.  But for now enjoy the the other half of the band’s Bookends EP.

“Like Dirt” by Green Paper

Take my word for it, that is Cat and Jeff

Cat Cosentino teamed up with Jeff Rupert to close down Decaf with a few Alanis Morisette-esque tunes, minus the vagabond-blues and poor use of vocabulary.  She also showcased her solo chops on tracks like “Parallel.”

After displaying a professional’s swagger and a consolatory voice well beyond her years on a pair of unassisted numbers, Cat invited Rupert to join her on the alumni pavilion, but not before making an announcement.

“People tell me my songs are depressing, so as a response I wrote this one.”

Check out a schedule of Cat’s upcoming shows and listen to some of her music here:

Be sure to contact her about the live album she recorded at The Stone Pony.  For now I leave you with the opening cut from it:

Cat Cosentino performs “Astoria” live at The Stone Pony

Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich was the meat of this Decafinated sandwich and, admittedly so, he definitely filled the shows crippling depression quota.  Now don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say his session wasn’t pleasing, because it was.  Ehrlich is an artist that works in a melancholy media.  While others may use oils, Ehrlich paints his folky canvas with a brush made of gloom dabbed on a misery soaked palette.

His music is real, something a listener can relate to, and although it may lead you on a trip deep down into the dumps, take pleasure in knowing that you are not alone, and that music like this can help you deal.

Ehrlich closed out his set with a couple of covers by Cyndi Lauper and Daniel Johnston which can be seen below:

Ehrlich has a few albums out and you can hear a handful of those songs here:

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