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Streetlight Manifesto

New Jersey’s favorite Ska-Punk sons, or at least mine anyway, have released a new music video on the band’s Web site via its Youtube account “smanifesto,” for the cover of Radiohead’s “Just,” recently released on the first installment of Streetlight’s nearly decade in the making 99 Songs of Revolution project.  It’s trippy, it has instrument toting aliens, and of course, great music.  Enjoy:

Gregg Gillis a.k.a. Girl Talk

Want to watch a documentary about Girl Talk presented by Then click here. Hurry though, it’s only up for one week.

Trent Rezonr of Nine Inch Nails and Atticus Ross have landed the job of composing the soundtrack to David Fincher’s new film Social Network in which that nerdy dude from Zombieland (Jesse Eisenberg) puts down his shotgun to play co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.  The film also includes Justin Timberlake as some character who will be misrepresented by J.T.’s crap acting, the guy who played Tim in Jurassic Park (Joseph Mazzello), Rashida Jones who plays Karen on The Office and portrayed Zooey in I Love You Man, and John Getz the star of the Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple as someone named Sy.

Anyway, you can grab a five song sampler of the film’s soundtrack here.

Paul Caffrey and Damion DeStefano of Tango Machina

Monroe, NJ rockers Tango Machina have announced via Facebook that they are in the studio.  Details coming soon.  Check out Tango Machina next Saturday at The Stone Pony.  Doors are at 7 p.m. and it’s $10 to get in.  Do yourself a favor and see these guys.  In the meantime have a listen to the band’s single, and currently only known recorded track, “The Combination Is Explosive.”

Wayne Coyne (Bonnaroo 2010)

Tonight, The Flaming Lips, currently on tour with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, are playing the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.  Last week I posted a a photo of the tour poster and it appears that tonight, fans can not only take home a memoir with said poster, but enough Wayne Coyne DNA to ensure The Flaming Lips’ front-man will walk the other, in one clone form or another, for all eternity.  Via Twitter, Coyne has posted photos of his bleeding finger, and the bloody finger-print he is leaving in the bottom right-hand corner of an unknown number of tonight’s tour posters.


Rise Against

Rise Against has announced the release of a new DVD on October 5th featuring 14 live performances at different locations around the world, with interviews from each band members riddled throughout, and a deep look into the band’s creative process.  Rise Against has released the trailer for this documentary which can be viewed below via the band’s youtube account RiseAgainstVEVO:

Bomb The Music Industry!

Yesterday, Bomb The Music Industry! posted on its Tumblr page that on October 9th, the band would be playing Weezer’s Blue Album and Pinkerton, in their entirety, in one night, at the Silent Barn, in Queens.  That picture is photo shopped and I didn’t know if this was real or a joke, so no post was made.  However, this morning, BTMI! has created a facebook event for this concert.  The show will run from 8 p.m. – 11:30 and the band’s reasoning for booking such a show: “Because you really don’t have the money to see Weezer play that shit as shells of themselves on some massive stage.” Agreed.

Mike Gordon of Phish

Phish bassist Mike Gordon is releasing a solo album on October 19th.  Listen to the opening track at


Design for The Flaming Lips "March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons" Parade

For those of you who do not know about The Flaming Lips’ “March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons,” it is exactly what it sounds like.  Flaming Lips fans from around the globe will gather in Oklahoma City for The Ghouls Gone Wild Parade where Wayne Coyne and comapny will lead the masses in a march down Flaming Lips Alley (this is a real street name and a real event).  Don’t believe me?  View and be amazed at the lengths people will go to, to have a great time.

MC Lars

Check out MC Lars’ new music video for “The Gigantic Robot Kills” featuring Suburban Legends, that, according to its Twitter page, is currently tracking the guitars for an upcoming album.  I have no other details for you on the album yet.

Sidewalks due out November 2

Matt and Kim are getting ready to release their third studio album Sidewalks on November 2.  Go to the bands Web site here and listen to the first single “Cameras.”  IT will lift you spirits or put you in a better mood than you’re already in.

You can catch Matt & Kim at Webster Hall in NYC on October 26th and 27th.

Jack White and The Dead Weather plan to release a limited edition triple-decker vinyl.  Fro what I’ve gathered It’s a vinyl record sandwich really.  Housed between two 12″ records of the band’s “Blue Blood Blues” will be a 7″ previously unreleased Dead Weather track.  According to White, you may need a screwdriver to pry the thing loose, leaving those lucky enough to get their hands on one of only 300 copies made with a decision: Do you want to keep this collectible treasure intact, or hear a new Dead Weather track?  What if the song is terrible?  Not to worry, White said both “Blue Blood Blues” and the unreleased 7″ will be mass produced separately.  If you have the funds, cover all bases, and get the whole package.

Less Than Jake has announced the release of its TV/EP set to drop October 12.  It will be a collection of Television theme songs and commercials played in a style only LTJ can deliver.  The band has remained silent on the track listing but has released its kik ass rendition of The Animaniacs theme song to

Fu-Man Seal

Seal is set to release a new studio album on September 28th in the U.S. called Seal 6: Commitment.  Seal has teamed back up with David Foster who produced the singer’s critically acclaimed record Soul.  I don’t truly care about this…I just wanted to post that photo.

Surf-Punk rock band Wavves releases new merch, including herb grinders

Wavves has released one of the best songs, and albums for that matter, of the year in “King Of The Beach” and have followed that up with the release of one of the best pieces of merch of the year, an official Wavves herb/spice/tobacco grinders.  Check out the band’s new t-shits and of course the grinders here.


Bruce Springsteen is set to play the 4th Annual Stand Up For Heroes Benefit presented by The Bob Woodruff Foundation slated for Wednesday November 3, 2010 at The Beacon Theater in New York City.  For information and tickets go here.


Frank Turner (Performing at The tone Pony)

Yesterday afternoon, Frank Turner expressed, on his twitter account, that he was headed home and would be visiting a London recording studio shortly to lay down an EP.  A few minutes ago I chatted with Turner via e-mail and this is what he had to type:

“The new EP will have 5 new songs, including “I Still Believe,” and will be out in November sometime, hopefully on 10″ vinyl.  It’s a prelude for the new album which will be
out next spring and will only have one song in common with the EP, namely ‘I Still Believe’.”

I will excitedly await this EP to drop.  Turner’s “I Still Believe” has developed into one of my favorite songs over the Summer and as you’ve read it is not yet recorded.  I have watched the video below several times.

November 20th is the confirmed date for All Time Low to take the stage at TCNJ’s Fall Concert.  There is going to be an opening act, maybe two, and the rumored names, of which I am not at liberty to disclose at this time, are very exciting.  Be sure to pick up your tickets when they go on sale.  You can cut me in the line.

The Gay Blades

According to the The Gay Blades twitter page, pre-sale information for the band’s second studio album Savages, as well as dates for its Basement Series will be announced sometime tonight.  Updates on this are coming.  And stay tuned for a review of savages.

Local Natives (Bonnaroo 2010)

These days Local Natives is a band in high demand, seemingly blowing up after Bonnaroo 2010 (you an read that story here), and because of that, the hipster musical collective has added a second Webster Hall show set for Saturday October 30.  Tickets are on sale this Friday.

The cast of American Idiot w/ Green Day

Listen to the cast performed American Idiot album here.

A Ska music video for those who hate Ska…and those who love it as well.

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