Speakend Playlist:


  1. “Clouds” by Dave Roberts (45)
  2. “Everyday” by The Postelles (24)
  3. “Planning My Death” by Bomb The Music Industry! (4)
  4. “A Perfect Union” by Titus Andronicus (2)
  5. “Mary Jane” by Major Lazer (1)

THANKS EVERYONE: “Clouds” will remain in the rotation until voted out.

It’s the Speakend Playlist.  A set of five tracks that have been spinning on high rotation at SIMGE, brought to you to enhance your weekend.  Enjoy, and be sure to vote for this week’s winning song in the poll located at the end of this post.  The winner, as chosen by you, will be included on next week’s Speakend Playlist…choose wisely.

Fair Haven native Dave Roberts is one of the brightest budding stars in the Garden State rap game.  Roberts’ brand of Indie-Rhyming is one that resembles Kid Cudi, and his talent is helping him construct a savage reputation in the Jersey underground.  Roberts’ nine-track mix tape is laid back, even soothing at some points, and works with themes the listener can relate to.  Like Cudi, Robert’s doesn’t allow his flow to paint himself an artificial personality.  He has problems just like the next guy and they come out his rhymes.  It’s Roberts’ honest writing that makes him appealing and he’s hooked me.

“Clouds” by Dave Roberts

Titus Andronicus

Glen Rock, New Jersey Indie-Punks Titus Andronicus have managed to create a concept album about the Civil War and Love and young angsty New Jerseyites, that includes seven, eight, nine, and even 14-minute long epics, track lengths rarely navigated by punks, on the band’s 2010 sophomore effort The Monitor. The record’s opening salvo, “A More Perfect Union,” has multiple peaks, valleys, and tempo changes, and they have brought me back to this well a lot lately.

“A More Perfect Union” by Titus Andronicus

Major Lazer

Major Lazer’s 2009 debut Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do is inspired by Jamaican dance hall music and considered one of that year’s top albums by such notable news gathering outlets as SPIN Magazine and Pitchfork.  Among the 13-track collection is an intoxicating number about the wondrous powers of weed that burrows deep into the listeners mind and remains firmly implanted until one either plays it on repeat and/or follows the song’s advice to roll it, twist it, and spark it up.

“Mary Jane” (feat. Mr. Evil and Mapei) by Major Lazer

Bomb The Music Industry!

Bomb The Music Industry! is an DIY Ska-Punk collective born from the ashes of the demise of The Arrogant Sons of Bitches back in 2004.  Since the band’s inception, BTMI! has consisted of a shape shifting lineup of 20-plus musicians, including Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug and several members of ASOB, but features only one mainstay, band leader, primary song writer, and former lead vocalist of ASOB Jeff Rosenstock.  BTMI! has a reputation for manic live shows and “Planning My Death” definitely captures a little bit of that aesthetic.  It comes from the band’s 2010 release Adults!!!…Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!! It’s been on heavy rotation in my library since June.

The Postelles at Bonnaroo 2010

If you’ve kept up with this blog you know all about The Postelles.  If not search the archives, read the stories and reviews and download the tracks.  You’ll be glad you listened to this band.  This blog is responsible for the first official review of the band’s upcoming debut album, due out October 12.  You can read it here. Anyway, a couple of weeks back The Postelles released a cover one of its favorite songs “Everyday” by Buddy Holly.  It fits their style perfectly and is very well done.

Choose The Winning Track Of The Week: The voter’s choice will be included on next weekend’s playlist.

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