Speakend Playlist (10/21 – 24)

Final Count:

“Brightest Diamond” by Black Birds (23)

“The Combination Is Explosive” by Tango Machina (20)

“Garbage Dump Or A Goldmine” by Almost There (2)

“Motel, No Tell” by Kid Is Qual (2)

“Laura And Marty” by Screaming Females (2)

“Stay Lucky” by The Gaslight Anthem (1)

Congratulations to Black Birds for winning this week’s poll.  “Brightest Diamond” will remain on next week’s playlist.

Tango Machina

Tango Machina is a hard rocking trio from Monroe with a Queens of the Stone Age type song writing style and a no bullshit attitude.  Where some bands will try to blind you from their sub-par tunes with bright lights and shoddy stage antics, Tango Machina will rip your eyes out with songs that cut to the bone.  “The Combination Is Explosive” is one of those tracks and a newly recorded version will be included on the band’s upcoming EP.  But for now…

“The Combination Is Explosive” by Tango Machina

Screaming Females

Screaming Females is the prime example of D.I.Y. outfit taking care of business in the underground, putting in the time for years in local bars and basements, and finally creating a name and reputation nationally for wild times, great tunes, and a five-foot tall front-woman that shreds like Cobain.  Her name is Marissa Paternoster and not only does she front the band, but also books the shows (every show the band has ever played…ever), and creates the album art work.  Like Bouncing Souls, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Gaslight Anthem before them, Screaming Females will be the next big thing to come out of the basements of New Brunswick.  Look for this act to be billed on some major festivals this season.  Screaming Females released its fourth studio album, Castle Talk, in February and this next cut is track one off that record.

“Laura And Marty” by Screaming Females

The Gaslight Anthem @ The Stone Pony

Speaking of The Gaslight Anthem, if you don’t know about these guys by now then you probably endured a horrible barber shop accident in which your ears were lost.  The Bluesified Springsteen-esque vocals of Brian Fallon, added to the Punk-Rock song writing style of Alex Rosamilia, Alex Levine, Benny Horowitz has driven these former New Brunswick basement dwellers to the penthouse.  Aside from playing major music festivals in 2010 (Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits to name a couple) the guys just wrapped up a lengthy U.S. tour before embarking on another one in Europe.  This next track is off the band’s 2010 record American Slang.

“Stay Lucky” by The Gaslight Anthem

Almost There

If you remember correctly Almost There’s “I Cried Wolf” made the playlist a couple of weeks and I normally wouldn’t place a band back in the running so soon, but, I love this Ocean Twp. act’s latest EP, Silver Lake.  You can check these Pop-Punk trio out this Saturday night at Starland Ballroom, and, with Tango Machina and Kid Is Qual on the 29th at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick.  It’s a Halloween party…details here.

“Garbage Dump Or A Gold Mine” by Almost There

Kid Is Qual

I’ve heard about Kid Is Qual a lot the past few weeks but finally experienced a show for myself last Saturday evening at Asbury Lanes, and was blown away.  This Electrobotic rock act leads an assault on the senses with a double bass guitar attack led by Jon Sullivan, formerly of Jack’s Mannequin, and Mike Bryant, formerly of Alabama Thunderpussy, and savage, intricately designed, club beats played by Chris McGlish on drums.  Qual has an EP out by the name of 40’+ that was recorded at Sound City Studios in California (Nevermind, Pinkerton, and Death Magnetic), but be on the lookout for more music coming soon from Qual.  As mentioned prior you can catch these guys at The Court Tavern as the headlining act on the 29th.

“Motel, No Tell” by Kid Is Qual

Black Birds (photo via. Black Birds on Facebook)

I don’t know much about Black Birds.  I’ve never seen it perform live, I’ve never interviewed the band, and I’ve only been in possession of its self-titled EP for five days, thanks to one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met at a rock show named John.  However, it didn’t take me long to figure out I that I enjoyed the Blondie-type Pop-Punk-Rock sound of this Asbury Park act.  According to front-woman Alyssa, who was at that very same rock show as John, the band is set to record more tracks for an upcoming full-length at Death To False Hope Records in North Carolina.

“Brightest Diamond” by Black Birds

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2 Responses to Speakend Playlist (10/21 – 24)

  1. alyssa says:

    thanks so much for including us in such RAD company, dude!! we will be at millhill basement wednesday if you want to come hang : )


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