Speaker Box (12/27-1/2)


Night 3 Of Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays Is OFF!

Asbury Park swallowed by blizzard

Tokyo snow drift in Asbury


(Photos by Sharon Stein of Black Birds)

(Photo By Bouncing Souls)

The third night of Bouncing Souls’ Home For The Holidays has been cancelled with no indication if another acoustic session with Greg will be scheduled.  Stay posted for details, you’ll know when I do.


[ **saddest update ever from the Brokenhearted blizzard wizard***
It is highly unlikely that any roads in Asbury Park will be cleared any time soon and therefore unlikely that we will be able to have a show at The Stone Pony even by tomorrow or Thursday. In anticipation of this likelihood that we will have to continue to cancel or postpone all shows, we have decided to move the entire Home For The Holidays to FEBRUARY 9-12, 2011. We know so many of you have made special arrangements and plans to be here and we wish things could be different.
Tickets from the first night (Dec 26) will be honored on Wednesday february 9th, tickets from the 2nd night (dec 27) will be honored on February 10, the 3rd night (Dec 28) on February 11th, and the 4th night (Dec 29) on February 12. So confusing!!! We are working on the revised schedule (not all the bands will be able to come back) and will announce those on Tuesday, January 11th.

Refunds will be available at the point of purchase, but we really hope you can join us in february…

Drowning in tears and waist-deep in snow, with great love from Asbury Park HQ
P.S. For those of you stuck in town, we are working on a consolation party for later… Stay tuned… But please please please, other people, you cannot even drive to town, let alone park, so don’t try to come unless you are walking!!! The Bouncing Souls. ]


Bouncing Souls Still On?

Greg is going to play an acoustic set in the ballroom of The Berkeley Carteret tonight at 7 p.m.  The Souls attached this message to the notice:

“Greetings from windy and snowy park. Anyone in town!! Hear ye hear ye! Greg is going to play an informal acoustic set in the ballroom of the Berkeley Carteret tonight at 7pm! Please do not attempt go drive there, this is a walking only situation!! So if you are a townie or are just acting like one this week, layer up and walk over!”

Be safe folks.  I myself am snowed in and will be unable to attend.

Bead Eye Releases New Tune & Video

Oasis minus the superior Gallagher brother equals the band Beady Eye and this depressing Brit-Pop quartet have released the second track off its upcoming debut, Different Gear, Still Speeding, in the form of a music video.

The track is called “Four Letter Word” and SPIN magazine has jumped to accusations, without any confirmation from the band, that certain lyrics in this song are another uncivil attack in the Gallagher civil war.

According to SPIN “Liam continues his ceaseless war of words with brother Noel, again, this time riffing on the lyrics to Oasis’ 1994 breakthrough hit, ‘Live Forever,'” referring to the line “Nothing ever lasts forever.”  A bit of a stretch if I do say so myself.

“And it gets nastier,” declares SPIN, citing the lines “”You’ve had enough / Staring out of dead end eyes / I don’t know what it is I’m feeling / A four letter word really gets my meaning.”  Personally, I fail to see the connection.  Sure, the song could be about Noel, but it could also be about any other person or people who ever stabbed Liam in the back.  The world is a cruel place, I’m sure there are lots of them about.

Until SPIN gets confirmation from Liam that this song is about Noel, this is just rabble rousing, muck raking, yellow journalism.

Here’s the trippy video:

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