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Reel Big Fish Loses Founding Memeber

It is with great sadness that I must report, lead trumpeter and harmonizing guru of front-man Aaron Barrett, Mr. Scott Klopfenstein has left the band due to familial situations.  Real Big Fish is one of my favorite bands and Klopfenstein helped carry the third wave Ska collective to the top of the genre.  I fear the band will not be the same.  A titan has been crippled today.  I need a hug.

Klopfenstein released this statement on the bands Web site:

“Dear Friends,

It is with overwhelming mixed emotions that I write this letter to announce my departure from Reel Big Fish. This decision has weighed heavily on the heart and mind of my wife and I. We found out in September that we were pregnant with our first child. A baby girl. We spent many nights debating back and forth over the subject of how to best arrange our lives to create the most safe and comfortable environment for our daughter. After much deliberation, we arrived at the conclusion that there was no way to create the home we envisioned without us both being present, to watch over and participate in the building of that home. Brick by loving Brick. In light of this announcement, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for making one of the most important phases of my life as beautiful and rich as anything I have ever known. The man I stand as today is a direct byproduct of all of you wonderful people who have allowed myself and the rest of the guys to be apart of your lives. Those of you who have allowed us to entertain you in an attempt to make real human connections through our music. You all are true blessings in my life and I will never forget all that you have done for the band, my bandmates, my family and for me. I will deeply miss watching you all, as you dance, smile, sweat and sing along. No one could ask for a better group of fans, (fans almost seems like too crass a word to describe you all, but i lack a better word at the moment). Your love and support have always been the fuel that make Reel Big Fish continue to move forward. And when I tell my daughter stories of my time in the band, I will probably become misty eyed, like I am now, when I remember all of your beautiful faces. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. And remember, don’t let your dreams stand waiting in the wings. Invite them center stage. They need to be seen.

Much Love and Respect, Scott Allen Klopfenstein”

Read the rest of the farewell post here.

Mr. Klopfenstein, you and the fish have been a huge part of my music listening existence.  It is with a heavy heart that I thank you and wish you the best.

Mighty Max Weinberg’s Son, Jay, Joins Against Me!

I remember back in May of 2009, Bruce & The Band were touring on Working On A Dream, and there was an uncertainty of Mighty Max Weinberg’s availability.  The taping of Conan O’Brien’s show had conflicted with tour dates and a at some point, MIghty Max would be called away to fulfill his late night duties.

A temporary stick wielder was needed and who better than a talented teenager, that had been touring with the band since he was nine-years old, and studying the music for who knows how long prior to that?

It was Jay Weinberg, the kin of Max, and he took the throne from his father during “Rosalita” and remained for the second half of the show.  From my seat inside the red-zone at the old steal maiden in the swamps, I couldn’t tell who it was.  With his long scraggly hair and scruffy beard, and the intensity in which he struck the drum heads and high hat, I thought Bruce had brought up Dave Grohl as a special guest for the evening.

It was evident back then that Weinberg was destined for more powerful sounding music and recently, videos of the mightier Weinberg have surfaced of him rehearsing with Florida punk outfit Against Me!.  Check em out.


Rivers Cuomo Posts YouTube Vid…Hope It’s Not A Sign

A few minutes ago Rivers Cuomo posted a youtube video of he and a couple of other unidentified dudes listening to a clip of a song.  It sounds like Cuomo’s voice on the track but I can’t be sure because of the FUCKING AUTO-TUNE.

YouTubers in the know that have commented seem to believe it is Cuomo’s voice on the track.  If this is a sign of things to come then Weezer needs to stop.

Matt & Kim Announce Date For “Cameras” Video w/Orgasmic Trailer

Matt & Kim have announced January 20th as the release date for the band’s “Camera” music video with a sexified sounding trailer.  “Cameras” is the single off Sidewalks, the band’s third studio release and #11 On SIMGE’s list of Top Albums of 2010.

Bouncing Souls Announce Support Acts For Holiday Show Re-do

Wednesday, February 9
Click HERE to buy tickets / more info.

Thursday, February 10
Click HERE to buy tickets / more info.

Friday, February 11
Click HERE to buy tickets / more info.

Saturday, February 12
Click HERE to buy tickets / more info.

“There are only a handful of returned tickets that will be up for re-sale so please visit both our ticketing site (HERE) and ticketmaster (HERE) for your chances to come to the party!” wrote The Souls.

“Also, the Chunksaah After-parties have also been moved!!  BANQUETS and THE HOLY MESS will perform and LAMAR VANNOY will DJ on WEDNESDAY Feb 9th (11-2) at the Asbury Lanes… and we will have a last-night party with Lamar at the Lanes too (Sat feb 12th from 11.30-2)!” the band continued.


My Chemical Romance Announces Support For Tour

MCR has announced The Architects, Neon Trees, Thursday, and Circa Survive as the bands that will support it on the upcoming tour for Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys (#28 on SIMGE’s list of top albums of 2010)…but not all at once.

When MCR comes home to Starland Ballroom for two shows on May 7th and 8th Thursday and The Architects will be on the undercard.

Listening To Good Music Is Like Taking Great Drugs..It’s Science

According to the results of experiments carried out by a team led by Valorie Salimpoor of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, listening to certain music can cause the body to release dopamine, a.k.a. the “reward chemical,” the same euphoric chemical reaction felt by addicts who finally get their fix.

“A single tone won’t be pleasurable in isolation,” said Salimpoor to The Guardian.  “However, a series of single tones arranged in time can become some of the most pleasurable experiences that humans have ever reported. That’s amazing because it suggests that somehow our cerebral cortex is following these tones over time and there must be a component of build-up, anticipation, expectation.”

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Get hooked on music, not drugs.  Rock N’ Roll really can save your soul.

Read the findings here.

Screaming Females Release New Music Video

New Brunswick’s own Screaming Females, the creators of Castle Talk (#18 on SIMGE’s list of top albums of 2010) has recently released a music video for its song “Wild.”  The video was directed by Biz R. Lynch and Trip McCool and features cardboard instruments and and a trippy, distorted filter on the camera’s lens.

Ed Sharpe & The Zeros’ Ebert Announces Date For Solo Album

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ front-man Alex Ebert has announced March 1st as the release date for his debut solo-record Alexander.

Back in September, without much publicity, the Alexander track “Truth” leaked.

Take a listen and download it if you’d like…the only hidden fee, you have to leave a comment telling what you think, enjoy:

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