Roo Watch 2011: All News Concerning Bonnaroo’s 10th Anniversary

The only way to heaven is through the tie-dyed arches

Staff Report

Confirmed Acts:

  • (3/7/11) Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band has confirmed via
  • (3/6/11) Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season has confirmed, not with The Swell Season, but as part of Iron & Wine.



  • (2/5/11) The Black Keys are confirmed by “insider” for a Saturday night pre-headliner performance.
  • (2/4/11) According to Jason Hojenski, a.k.a. the TheInforooster on Twitter, has confirmed that Robert Plant and Widespread Panic will close out the festival on Sunday night.

  • (2/4/11) According to “insider,” My Morning Jacket is confirmed to play friday night, meaning the What Stage will host MMJ and Arcade Fire back to back, but the order is not yet known.

“Let’s finish off Friday’s lineup,” wrote insdier, “I think I will make a lot of people happy when I reveal…My Morning Jacket (can’t recall which act is first, but there are your 2 for Friday).”

  • (2/4/11) According to “insider,” a more than reliable source on the message boards Arcade Fire will headline the What Stage on Friday night.

“OK, how about with the one that everyone seems to assume,” wrote insider, “let’s start by checking off Arcade Fire, you can consider them a confirm for Friday night.”

Insiders track record is impressive.  She’s either very good, or very lucky withe her guesses.  Read her post here.

  • (2/2/11) Today, A video surfaced of Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy performing its closing number and bidding the crowd farewell, but not before Plant proclaims at 2:42 “Oh yes, we’ll see you all in the Summer, Bonnaroo…” confirming that the Zeppelin front-man will return to the farm…and hopefully Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will make an appearance…I mean, it is the 10th anniversary.
  • (1/28/11) Yesterday, in an article published on the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily’s Web site, it was confirmed that Bruce Hornsby (Grateful Dead) will be performing at Bonnaroo.

“Hornsby will release another album with the Noise Makers called Bride of the Noise Makers, and will be performing at several music festivals, including Bonnaroo, this year. He’ll also be hitting the road with longtime collaborator Bela Fleck, and plans to release a solo piano album in 2012.”

read the article here.

  • (1/28/11) Big Boi confirms for Bonnaroo’s 10th Anniversary via Twitter.  After having the question posed by thatoppnach, BigBoi responded with “Bonnaroo, yes.”

BigBoiBonnaroo, yesRT @thatoppnach: @BigBoi I always seeing u playing good music, are you a fan of @Phish ? And are u playing Bonnaroo?? #outkast

See the tweet here.

  • (1/27/11) According to Jason Hojenski, a.k.a TheInforooster on Twitter, and admin of, he has heard that Massive Attack will play the festival, however he warned that nothing is set in stone yet.

“I have tortured you guys enough,” he wrote on Twitter, “I heard Massive [Attack] may be on the bill for Bonnaroo. Take it with a grain of salt.”

See the tweet here.

  • (1/22/11) According to Jason Hojenski, a.k.a TheInforooster on Twitter, and admin of, a source of his has cracked Roo Clue #2…(Cecilia’s dress code: Sheer)…and it appears that the Scissor Sisters will be playing Bonnaroo.

TheInforooster Bonnaroo clue #2 has been solved and looks like it is pointing to The Scissor Sisters playing this year.”   -see the tweet here.

  • (1/21/11) Sara Watkins has confirmed for the festival via Twitter:

Since she is on tour with The Decemberists, you can probably mark Colen Meloy and company down as more than likely to show.

(additional reporting done by Mike Mehalick of AOL Video)

  • (1/21/11) According to Jason Hojenski, a.k.a TheInforooster on Twitter, and admin of, Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) has been confirmed for Bonnaroo 2011.  Hojenski also mentioned in the tweet that Les Claypool may be in attendance in the form of Primus.

“More rumor updates:Looks like Girl Talk will be on the bill once again and looking possible that we will have Claypool in the form of Primus,” is what Hojenski tweeted.

read it here.

  • Today (1/20/11), Talib Kweli of Black Star confirmed via Twitter that the group will reunite to play Bonnaroo’s 10th anniversary extravaganza.

“RT @thatoppnach: @realtalibkweli I read a rumor that you and mos def are performing at Bonnaroo, is this true??? (Yes. Black Star!)”

Kweli’s response in the parenthesis…”Yes. Black Star!”

For The Non Believers: Read Kweli’s tweet here.

(Additional reporting done by Mike Mehalick of AOL Video)

  • Gregg Allman is the first act to confirm his presence at Bonnaroo in a USA Today interview published on 1/14/11.

Roo Clues:

9) Stop short of a march with this ruffian. It’s a heavier endeavor

  • Who I Want It To Be:
  • If I Were A Betting Man:

8) A maudlin pioneer living on the fringe; not one to plateau.

  • Who I Want It To Be:
  • If I Were A Betting Man:

7) Sun shines on these former nannies; a persistence of sound persists

  • Who I Want It To Be:
  • If I Were A Betting Man:

6) From one boar to another a war ranges amongst champions we are calling for divine intervention.

  • Who I Want It To Be:
  • If I Were A Betting Man:


  • Who I Want It To Be: Pearl Jam
  • If I Were A Betting Man: Neil Young

Neil Young has been rumored to play the Farm for the past couple of years but hasn’t shown since 2003.  Is it a little forward of the Roo representatives to place the man’s name in the clue.  Maybe…but maybe not.

As for Pearl Jam, this band is a festival staple.  As well as the politics of the music and and the country fried feel to a handful of their songs, the fact that “Ten” is capitalized could be reference to the band’s debut record.

4) A veteran and magistrate, or a character of sorts. A throne one cannot abdicate, of which a crab can make a fort.

  • Who I Want It to Be: Gorillaz
  • If I Were A Betting Man: Queens Of The Stone Age

Gorillaz is quite literally a cast of characters, cartoon characters to be exact, and I’m sure, at the very least, there are some sort of crab-like crustaceans roaming amongst the schools of super-fast jellyfish at Plastic Beach.  Mos Def will already be at Roo with Talib Kweli as Black Star, and with Mick Jones getting Big Audio Dynamite back together for Coachella, who’s to say the rest of the pirate crew can’t be assembled.

However, Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures) is an American treasure, cool enough to kick death in the balls, close the shades on the great white light, and return to the land of the living…and keep it to himself for a few months.  The man is closer to being an all-powerful member of the undead than you or I will ever be, and when he readies a new release, the music listening world takes notice.  Roo reps could conjure the drawing power of Homme and QOTSA before he buys the farm again…pun intended.

Dark Horses: Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne

3) Still up. A month now, maybe two. Don’t call the priest, just find my guru.

  • I Want It To Be: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
  • If I Were A Betting Man: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

The 12-member Folk-Rock collective took the festival circuit by storm in 2010 on the back of the band’s debut record, Up From Below, that includes hit tracks like “Home,” as well as the jangly number that best resembles the latest and vaguest of this year’s Roo clues, “40 Day Dream.”

In this song, Front-man Alex Ebert croons in his grainy and rustic voice about being asleep for 40 and 60 days (a month now, maybe two).  However, her refers to the relationship as a “too good to be true paradise,” in turn confirming that it is real life (Still up).  Since it appears that many of the songs on this album are bred from the former relationship between Ebert and band-mate Jade Castrinos the final sentence of of the clue (Don’t call the priest, just find my guru) could refer to how the pair never did get married, but are still  musical muses for one another.

Plus, Alex Ebert will have a solo release to promote.  Alexander comes out on March 1st.

2) Cecilia’s dress code: Sheer

  • I Want It To Be: CAKE
  • If I Were A Betting Man: CAKE

CAKE just released a new album, Showroom Of Compassion (read the SIMGE review here), and as band that supports green living, Roo would be a great festival to support, as it is the most environmentally friendly music fest around.  Also, the clue mentions a woman’s dress code being “sheer,” as in thin.  One of CAKE’s big hits is “Short Skirt/Long Jacket.”

1) A trip to space thwarted by a speckled lad’s demise. A watershed moment otherwise.

  • I Want It To Be: David Bowie
  • If I Were A Betting Man: U2

It’d be a dream come true to see Bowie play an evening set on the What Stage, to croon in unison with 80-thousand other music lovers under the cover of a Manchester star-scape.  And all this talk of a “speckled lad’s” voyage into space brings to mind Mr. Ziggy Stardust…and if you remember correctly, he does perish at the end of the Bowie classic when the cannibalistic Infinites tear him to pieces on stage so they can be real.

However, On U2’s 360 Degrees Tour, the band used Bowie’s “Space Oddity” as entrance music to every show.  Since Bono is an intergalactic douche (no “space” pun intended) that loves to have a hand in everything, whether or not he is actually wanted, I foresee, unfortunately, U2 being named as a headliner.


(2/4/11) “insider” confirms that Radiohead, Prince, Lil Wayne, and Furthur will not perform due to scheduling conflicts.

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19 Responses to Roo Watch 2011: All News Concerning Bonnaroo’s 10th Anniversary

  1. what? says:

    You are full of shit. Most of those acts you have listed as rumored aren’t

  2. rote7123 says:

    Expand your mind sir. There is life outside of the Inforoo universe. New rumors pop up everyday. I dismiss most of them, however these are the ones I’ve chosen to post.

  3. what? says:

    You posted multiple links to the examiner. Those articles are pure speculation. Calling them rumors doesn’t make them rumors just because you have a blog. If these are legit rumors then where did the Bowie one come from? White Stripes?

  4. rote7123 says:

    The phrase “legit rumors” is contradictory in itself. There is no such thing as a legitimate or illegitimate rumor, just rumors in general. It’s all speculative until the lineup is announced so what difference does it make if you or I or the people at the Examiner toss names out? It seems you have a problem with this post and maybe even the idea of blogging and that’s too bad. Part of the fun of Bonnaroo is the pre-party speculation and that’s all I’m doing here, making conversation essentially, by posting what I’ve heard/read.

    As for Bowie, I read that he may be hitting the festival circuit this Summer and all that talk of deceased, speckled, space men brought Ziggy Stardust to mind. And The White Stripes, Jack White said he and Meg were thinking of getting back together, and seeing as how Third Man Records is about an hour away from the farm, and White has played in some facet three of the past four years, I put two and two together.

    Are these not reasonable explanations and/or “legit rumors?” It’s not like I said Zeppelin was getting back together and playing the What Stage.

  5. what? says:

    So Bowie is rumored to be touring and the White Stripes are rumored to be getting back together. They aren’t rumored for Bonnaroo.

  6. rote7123 says:

    No, you see, you’ve got it all wrong. Bowie is going to tour, Jack and Meg do plan to work with each other sometime soon, and these acts are rumored to play Bonnaroo because I just wrote it down for the world to see.

    It appears you’re putting a lot of effort into to trying discredit this blog when it’s not yet claimed to be something worthy of credit (Someday, but not quite yet). Although, I suppose I should be thanking you for viewing it as something worthy of your attention, seeing as how you not only read one of the posts, but made a series of comments after the fact. For this, I thank you.

    I’m not sure if you’re passionate about the subject or just like to debate with strangers, or maybe you’re even a Roo representative that isn’t pleased with a blog stealing his thunder…maybe all three, but I feel like you should be focusing your energy on something greater, like adding/subtracting to my list. Improve it or tell me where I went wrong. It’s all about supporting your claim that I’m “full of shit,” you know?

    Anyway, thank you for the time you’ve put into this, it sort of validates the work because people I don’t know are actually looking at it.

  7. what? says:

    “these acts are rumored to play Bonnaroo because I just wrote it down for the world to see”

    At least you admit you are making the rumors up.

  8. rote7123 says:

    Everyone makes up rumors. The unofficial definition of “rumor” is people making shit up. And since you seem to be a selective reader, I’ll ask again, what difference does it make if you, I, or someone on Inforoo does the investigating, pieces the information together and comes up with a list of names. Again, there is no such thing as a “legit rumor,” there are just rumors. Get over yourself and do some actual leg work before you start tearing down other people’s predictions. Until the festival directors announce a lineup we’re all just as full of shit as the next guy, you, me, and everyone else in the Rooniverse. So why don’t you just have fun with it? I am.

    • 5ewell says:

      hahaha this was def worth the time to read (by the way thought David Bowie and Cake when i first read those clues too) but Anyone can make up a rumor . . . that is in fact the definition of a rumor . . . something that might not be true so in order to start my own rumor I’m going to post that the Shout Out Louds are probably coming to Bonnaroo . . there done and done now my rumor is out there but i wouldn’t read too much into it kid its probably not true . . . its just a rumor

  9. Matt & Kim are basically locked as confirmed by two different sources that have spoken to the band directly. Would link but too lazy.

    Might want to consider adding R.E.M. as a rumor.

    Coachella write-ups coming out today list Duran Duran, The Strokes, & Arcade Fire as definites while at the same time squashing rumors that Daft Punk are in (google–>coachella lineup–>news–>TOOLAZYTOLINK).

  10. Mark says:

    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

    from Mars.

    The Mars Volta.

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  16. Emily says:

    The lyric in 40 day dream is “too good to be true kind of love”, not “too good to be true paradise”. anyways, love Edward Sharpe and hoping they will make an appearance!

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