Speakend Playlist (1/27/11)

After a long time off, the Speakend Playlist has returned to bring you the best new music around.  Download six free tracks of new music and vote for your favorite in the poll located at the bottom of the page.  Leave comment suggesting music that you want to appear on next week’s Speakend Playlist.

“Calamity Song” by The Decemberists

“Calamity Song” will go down in history as the most upbeat and enjoyable tune about the end of the world.   In Colin Meloy’s post apocalyptic anthem, most of mankind has been wiped off the planet and the few survivors take a crack at forming a civilization only to have it destroyed by an unfair class system…pretty deep for a poppy Folk-Rock song.

“Weekend” by Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns is one of the top buzz bands on the market.  The glamorous garage rockers missed out on Coachella but should score a slot at Bonnaroo and the following music festivals on the back of its impressive sophomore release Dye It Blonde, from which this track resides.

“The Merry Barracks” by Deerhoof

On Tuesday Deerhoof put out its most accessible and enjoyable album in the band’s 13-year existence, Deerhoof vs. Evil, an album loaded with imagery of war and confused emotions that could possibly be the best album the Flaming Lips never made.

“Mustache Man (Wasted)” by CAKE

CAKE’s Showroom Of Compassion was the band’s first release since 2004’s Pressure Chief and the sixth studio album was substantially better than its predecessor.  This pack of West Coast watch dogs uses its music a sarcastic state of the union address to point out societal flaws and “Mustache Man (Wasted)” is a real returnt to form.

“Sunny Adventure” by Best Coast

Since this fuzzy Californian three-piece burst onto the scene in 2010 with a hit debut record by the name of Crazy For You front-woman Beth Cosentino has done nothing but work, collaborating with Kid Cudi, Deerhoof, and Wavves to name as well as pop out singles, the latest of which, “Sunny Adventure,” a Bubblegum-Pop number with a catchy chorus that would’ve sat atop the charts a few decades ago.

“You Know That I’m No Good (feat. Jack White)” by Wanda Jackson

According to producer Jack White, the idea behind having Wanda Jackson cover an Amy Winehouse song on her new record, The Party Ain’t Over, was to have the bad girl of yesteryear (Jackson) do a take on the music of current sickest chick (Winehouse).  With White’s help on guitar, the pair put out a great collection of covers, this being one of them.


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