The Music Box: The Go! Team’s “Rolling Blackouts”…Welcome To The Party

By Mike Mehalick, Staff Writer


  1. T.O.R.N.A.D.O.
  2. Secretary’s Song
  3. Apollo Throwdown
  4. Ready To Go Steady
  5. Bust-Out Brigade
  6. Buy Nothing Day
  7. Super Triangle
  8. Voice Yr Choice
  9. Yosemite Theme
  10. The Running Range
  11. Lazy Poltergeist
  12. Rolling Blackouts
  13. Back Like 8 Track

Release Date: 2/1/11

The Band:

Pre-dating the recent successes of acts like Alan Palomo and his Neon Indian project is the Brighton based The Go! Team. Conceived by Ian Parton in the early aughts as a way to incorporate Sonic Youth style guitars with samples and live vocals, he released the universally acclaimed Thunder, Lightning, Strike in 2004. Recorded mostly with the help of his brother in his parents’ house Parton recorded his band’s debut without help most band’s enjoy. Following the overwhelming response to the debut was an equally overwhelming response to see what all of these new ideas looked like in a live setting. Parton, not unlike some 80’s film, was then charged with the task of assembling an actual The Go! Team.

Now in 2011 most of America is likely familiar with The Go! Team through the NFL’s recent use of “The Power Is On” in commercials. Worldwide, however, they are something of an anomaly compared to other bands touring countries booking agents had long forgotten. It is perhaps this worldliness that the subtle evolution of The Go! Team’s sound stems from…

The Review:

…Which leads us to The Go! Team’s third album Rolling Blackouts. Again, not unlike Damon Albarn and his Gorillaz project, Parton is particularly bemused with the tiny intricacies of sound originating from foreign cultures. It is through this quest for a greater understanding and mastering of world music and a commitment to expression through improvisation that we find The Go! Team on the brink of falling into a genre all their own. One could argue for and against the positives and negatives of their overall sound staying ultimately the same over the course of their three-album lifespan, but in the end it is the little things that count on Rolling Blackouts.

Although not relying too heavily on samples as a driving source, one could certainly spot the Velvet Underground undertones in “Secretary’s Song,” or the Junior Senior call and response of “Voice Yr Choice”.  The trademark high energy involved in the usual The Go! Team track is smattered from track to track leaving no stone unturned and no booty unshaken.

“Secretary’s Song”

That is why it is so hard to try and put a new spin on a relatively old idea. If you buy into the camp that the continuation of a three-album old sound scape is a worthwhile endeavor then Rolling Blackouts will definitely appeal to you. If you were looking for a new The Go! Team record with game changing songs and guest spots from Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco then you will likely be disappointed. That isn’t to say that either of those logics are right or wrong as is so often the case in subjective matters such as these. It’s that the concept of The Go! Team was such a game changer from the start that maybe it’s our fault for expecting things to be different this go around. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

Will Rolling Blackouts be the album that breaks The Go! Team into the American mainstream? Regardless of the answer it will be incumbent upon all future listeners to delve back into the previous two albums and catch up on what is, for the most part, a larger idea spread across continuing releases. That is the true beauty of The Go! Team and their third album. Even if you’re late to the party, it will never be too late to catch up.

The Rating: 4/5

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