The Dead And Gone and Friction 57 Play Punk Night At Asbury Lanes

Move it up one week and subtract This Is A Movement...the event I saw

Every Wednesday evening Asbury Lanes plays host to Punk Night and this past week, New Brunswick’s own basement dwellers The Dead & Gone headlined a two-pronged attack with Old Bridge’s Friction 57.

The Dead And Gone are the most enjoyable Hardcore-Punk act that I’ve heard come out of our Garden State in a while.   Powered by a lack faith, exceptional sarcasm, intense angst, and an affinity for track names of epic lengths (see the setlist below), this thrashing three-piece fuses gritty, string slashing riffs with Rockabilly undertones…think Rancid in 1993 if the lead vocals were handled by an undead zombie named Buddy Holly, and instead of fronting The Crickets during his cognizant days, he filled the time by gurgling shards of glass.

That last image should paint an accurate picture of The Dead & Gone, with front-man JaySin (spelled without a space…its a Punk thing) at the helm, a beautiful white Gretsch with a golden finish strapped to his back, his vocal chords shredding before your ears along to Crumbs’ sharp, pounding, Rockabillied drum beats, and Matt’s rhythmic bass plucking.

Friction 57’s sound pays homage to the Holy Trinity of early ’90s California Skate-Punk with electrified, raucously ripped chords and three-part harmonies that bring to mind the aforementioned, Bad Religion, NOFX, and Pennywise.

Also, I didn’t think it was possible to make Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” tolerable, but Friction 57 managed to make it a thoroughly enjoyable weapon in its Punk-Rock arsenal.  Sadly, the band caught me off guard, and I couldn’t get any video.  You may find the idea totally unbelievable, and you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking so, but take my word for it, Friction 57 has the power to spin a bullshit song like that into gold.

The Dead & Gone Setlist:

  1. B.S.O.L.
  2. I Like To Have My Cake And Eat It Too But I Want No Part In Eating That Slice Of Cookie Puss.
  3. Radio 11
  4. Ninja
  5. When The Zombies Come, We Run To Crumbs (Don’t Walk)
  6. Blues
  7. Wash Me Off One Of Those Bunnies, I’m Gonna Eat it
  8. Inspiration Station
  9. Kiddo
  10. If I Were An F-Bomber, It’d Go A Little Something Like This, Hit It
  11. C-Blood
  12. Broadways

Friction 57 Setlist:

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