Odd Future’s TV Debut On Fallon Is A Call To Arms!

The revolution was televised last night on Jimmy Fallon’s time slot when representatives, Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats, of the LA Hip-Hop troop Odd Future gave a performance rarely dealt out to a studio audience.

Backed by The Roots, the ski-mask clad mercenaries spit with reckless on their track “Sandwiches” with reckless abandon showing no regard for the audience, the guests, or Fallon himself who was mounted by Tyler The Creator at shows end after the budding Rap star emerged from the backstage area with Mos Def, the legend proceeded to spill what little remnants of mind that was not blown by the L.A. teens performance all over the television camera’s eye in an all encompassing squeal.

Odd Future’s pirate vessel has been launched with this appearance and they’re sailing into our living rooms for blood and destruction, pillaging our homes, and leaving no survivors.  This was televised anarchy, the spark of rebellion often written about but never able to influence readers, the call to arms so often falsely preached by absurd spike sporting Punks.  This was a group of artists leading us toward action.  What that action may be is for you to decide.  It could be artistic or violent, a peaceful demonstration or a dangerous operation.  Whatever you believe, whatever you take away from the music, the ultimate message Odd Future is sending through rhyme and beat is “F@$k all.”

This was an historic event…If your looking for the next great hip-hop collective, one capable of moving its listeners, look no further than the outfit shown in the video below.


Tyler The Creators’ upcoming release Goblin is due out sometime this year with no date set, but, the sick and twisted video for his lead single “Yonkers” has dropped.

Check out more of Odd Future’s music on Tumblr.

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