Speakend Playlist (3/3/11)

Thanks to everyone who voted this weekend…

Final Results:

The Paper Suns – 65

The Amboys – 7

Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets – 6

The Front Bottoms – 4


“Untitled” by The Paper Suns

The departure of lead guitarist, turned solo-artist, Kevin Basko did not phase the three remaining members of Finale Hill who have carried on under the monicker The Paper Suns, with a new axe-wielder, George Verveeniotis, and a new sound, trippy, cavernous Psychedelic-Rock.  Don’t sleep on The Paper Suns or Kevin Basko.  I know Patrick Henry said “together we stand, divided we fall,” but in this case, these separate entities will do just fine.

“Christians vs. Indians” by The Front Bottoms

Since this photo was taken the Indie-Rock trio has lost its keyboardist and turned into an Acoustic-Punk duo.  However I happen to enjoy this selection from The Front Bottoms 2010 EP.

The electricity may be gone sonically but it remains emotionally…this video is more the outfit’s style these days.

“The Best Way To Get Over Someone…” by Tara Elliott & The red Velvets

Tara Elliott and company are no strangers to this site and the band has recently released an extended edition of its 2010 self-titled debut EP (#9 on SIMGE’s Top EPs Of 2010 list) with a pair of new tracks, both of which will be on the group’s upcoming LP, including the next number “The Best Way To Get Over Someone (Is To Get Under Somebody Else).”  The track is a sonic earthquake as well as a handbook for the broken hearted.

“Worrisome” by The Amboys

The Amboys are classified as Independent Folk-Rockers but don’t be fooled, this four-piece can shake a room.  This next track, an older piece that was not included on the band’s 2010 self-titled debut, is a more subdued number with a southern twang and plenty of banjo.

“Under The Weather” by U SAY USA

The Seaside Heights Indie-Rockers put out its debut release, The Greatest Recession (I’ve Ever Been To), last year and buried a funky gem within a handful of messy ragers.  This next track landed at #194 on the New York Post’s Top 210 Songs of 2010.

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