Screaming Females Help Send Off Full Of Fancy At The Lanes

“We’ve been a band for six years,” replied drummer Evan Kiel on Friday night after his final appearance upon the throne behind the revered New Brunswick Pop-Punk outfit Full Of Fancy.  “We just got tired of it.  It’s definitely time.”

The swarm of slam dancing hooligans who surrounded the stage, jockeying for position and a better view, including Screaming Females front-woman Marisa Paternoster who opted to climb atop a riser in the rear, begged to differ, shouting obscenities and heckling the band between numbers, which equates to cheers and adoration in the Punk universe.

An audience that included members of such past and present Jersey Punk acts as The Ergs, Hunchback, The Obvious, and Black Birds, to name a few, as well as the aforementioned Screaming Females who co-headlined the event, craved the music of Full Of Fancy.

Like the most potent and euphoric upper, certain patrons were addicted to this Pop-Punk potion to the point where symptoms of withdrawal took hold between songs causing one wild-eyed member of the crowd to twitch and rattle his way to the front of the stage, lean over a monitor, and scream “DOGMAN!!!! MOTHERFUCKIN’ DOGMAN!!!!” until hoarse.

But, for as many drug induced outbursts that occurred, there were many more moments of love and sincerity.

“This has been like a family to me,” said the misty eyed bassist Erin Hayes.  “We have the best fans around and this is the most talented group of musicians I’ve ever worked with.”

“I’m really going to miss this,”continued Hayes choking back tears.  “Thanks to all of you for caring.”

“This is one of my favorite songs,” professed guitarist Miranda Taylor.  “I’m gonna miss playing it live,” she continued before drilling the introductory chords to “Lads In Training.”

Most intriguing, however, is when certain tracks began taking on completely different meanings when performed in a situation like Full Of Fancy’s.  “Human Pudding,”‘s chorus, for instance, was used as a vehicle to deliver the message “The best times I had were with you,” straight to the hearts and minds of the assemblage.

The same can be said of the Pop-Punk four-piece’s closing number “30 Days”  in which the repetitive refrain of “I’m gonna miss you, miss you, miss you…” struck close to home.  Although it’s not fashionable to gush over band in public, I think I speak for everyone in attendance that night when I say, we’ll miss you too.

Video: Full Of Fancy “Stones Throw,” “Polly-O String Cheese Incident,” and “Basement”

As mentioned prior, co-headlining this event was Full Of Fancy’s Don Giovanni label mate Screaming Females, the latest napalm bomb to emerge from the rough and ragged basements of New Brunswick and rigorously tour the the world.

Of the two acts, Screaming Females drew the larger audience, but did not produce nearly as raucous a pit.  And that isn’t to say the Punk-Rock three-piece is any less savage than Full Of Fancy, in fact, the music is more ferocious, but there is a theory that has been derived and it hinges upon Paternoster.

The idea is simple, the musically malicious matron is one of the most glorious guitar maestros in music today, and the way she shreds her six-string is mesmerizing, placing audience members into a foggy daze that makes it hard enough to stand let alone dance.

The crowd could have also been subdued because it did not recognize the music.  At the band’s merch table after his set, bassist, King Mike, admitted that the outfit did play a few new songs that have not yet been officially titled.  After looking over Screaming Females’ 10-song setlist, four of the tracks could not be identified including the two featured below.

The rest of the set was filled with with three tracks apiece from from the band’s third studio release, 2009’s Power Move, and its most recent production Castle Talk, which ranked 18th on SIMGE’s Top Albums Of 2010 list.

Video: Screaming Females perform “Bell”

It should also be noted that Big Eyes, also from New Brunswick (and Brooklyn), and also a member of the Don Giovanni Records family, was on the undercard.  I didn’t get out of work on time to see them live but I have heard the Punk outfit’s 2010 self-titled EP and it’s damn good…here’s a sample.

“I Prefer To Be Alone”

Full Of Fancy Setlist:

  1. Stones Throw
  2. Polly-O String Theory
  3. Basement
  4. Trophy
  5. Notebook
  6. People Die
  7. Human Pudding
  8. Sounds Like A Plan
  9. Lads In Training
  10. Unknown Cover Song
  11. Friends Forever Tour
  12. Hermit Love
  13. Breathsaver
  14. Dumb Is Forever
  15. Liquid Nature
  16. Blue/Black
  17. Hot Tub
  18. 30 Days

Screaming Females Setlist:

  1. Bell
  2. Untiled (New Song)
  3. Lights
  4. Replace (New Song)
  5. Sheep
  6. High (New Song)
  7. Fall Asleep
  8. Pop (New Song)
  9. I Don’t Mind It
  10. No Being Disgusting

Screaming Females Photos:

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  2. erinhays says:

    thanks for the kind words! i loved playing with this band and it definitely will be one of the best times of my life.

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