Almost There, Bert Lz, and My Love For Danger At The Brighton Bar (3/12/11)

“Playing bigger venues like Starland [Ballroom] is nice,” said Almost There bassist Zach Sicherman last Saturday before the Pop Punk three-piece, and the members of the undercard, Bert Lz and My Love For Danger, took the stage of The Brighton Bar, “but I love these club shows.  It’s smaller, it’s more intimate, you can actually interact with the crowd.  This shit gets me amped.”

A prickly wave of electricity shot up the backbones of those within the mass of slam dancers and Hip Hop enthusiasts that converged on the dimly lit dance floor of Brighton Avenue’s premiere house of Rock N’ Roll worship, inducing squeals and shouts of jubilation from the patrons as they excitedly awaited the headlining set, and the rumored new music from Almost There.

However, due to a hand injury suffered by drummer Phill Serzan days before the show, the plan for Almost There to feature new songs in its setlist was scrapped.  Instead, the audience was treated to a raucous 10-song set, including the usual cover, “Say It Ain’t So,” and the unusual, “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters, as well as a slew of originals from the group’s triumvirate of EPs.

Bert Lz fought through major technical difficulties and still managed to win the crowd over.  Even when forced to repeat tracks, the audience stuck with the emcee as he spit the rhymes more heatedly, dedicating the track “Hatin’ On Me” to the faulty sound system…the audience followed suit with shouts of “fuck the haters!”

My Love For Danger kept the fire burning with a riotous set of originals that have yet to be released.  The Pop-Punk four-piece’s debut record should be coming soon.  Keep your eyes open for it, you’ll be glad you did.

“These shows are the best,” admitted Sicherman.  “There’s lots of bad Hip Hop out there that turns off the Rock N’ Roll fans to that genre, just like there’s bad Rock that does the same to the Hip Hop fans.  But, look at this place.  It’s packed.  It just goes to show that people gravitate to good music.”

Almost There is set to play again this Saturday night at The Saint with a great lineup that includes Readymade BreakupHey Rosetta, and Val Emmich.  Its also Zach Sicherman’s birthday, so come out and celebrate.

Also, there are rumors floating around that a show announcement with a lineup of Almost There, Green Paper, and My Love For Danger is in the process of being booked.  I can neither confirm nor deny the truth of this scuttlebutt but you’ll all know when I do.

Almost There Setlist:

  1. Fine Night To Overdose
  2. Breaking Point
  3. Say It Ain’t So (Weezer)
  4. After All
  5. Mario Theme
  6. Last Laugh
  7. My Hero (Foo Fighters)
  8. I Cried Wolf
  9. Can I Take You Home
  10. Gone

Pics & Vids Of Almost There:

Pics & Vids Of Bert Lz:

Pics & Vids Of My Love For Danger

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