Local Music Roundup (3/31/11)

Almost There Adds To Its Weekly Covers Collection

“We’ve been focusing mainly on writing new material,” said Almost There bassist Zach Sicherman when asked about the band’s weekly cover song series, “but it takes a lot of time and money to get new material out.  So we figured why not just post one acoustic cover a week, and that way, our fans aren’t waiting eight months to hear something new.”

For the past month, Sicherman and Almost There’s six-string maestro Eddie Soles have met at various locations, such as a park bench with a man and his curious pug in the audience, where the pair performed and videotaped an acoustic cover song, eventually releasing the video on the band’s Youtube account: AlmostThereRock.

This week, the band added to its covers collection a rendition of the Foo Fighter’s “My Hero.”

The latest installment joins The Beatles “All My Lovin,” Sublime’s “Doin’ Time,” and “Going Away To College” by Blink-182.

“The first few songs we already knew and have played a bunch before,” said Sicherman, “but im looking forward to gettng a few more weeks in and working on some new covers.  We like music in lots of different genres so expect to see a good mix.”

And with Spring supposedly here, Sicherman and Soles do plan to get outside again, thus, fans should be on the look out for these guys around town.

Previously, these tracks could only be viewed on the outfit’s Youtube channel, mentioned prior, however, Almost There was gracious enough to grant SIMGE the right to post the MP3s of the first three tracks for you, the fan, to enjoy in the comfort of your own music library…enjoy.

“All My Lovin'” (The Beatles)

“Doin’ Time” (Sublime)

“Going Away To College” (Blink-182)

Captain James Announces New Performance

Yesterday, on behalf of he and his motley crew of space pirates known as The Pain, Captain James Peacock announced that the Asbury musical collective would be back on stage in May.

“AHOY THERE!” scrawled The Captain via Facebook. “Mark your calendars, folks.  May 12th at The Saint, Phanphest  presents Captain James: Born to Rum.”

I spoke with the good captain today and this is what he had to say…

Born to Rum is a special limited run of performances that are intended to give the fans a taste of some brand new music while Captain James & The Pain, with our full 12-member lineup, including the “PAIN in the Brass” horn section, is in the studio finishing up our six-song debut recording, and preparing a brand new summer stage show called Captain James & The Pain Present SPACE PIRATES TWENTY ELEVEN!

In his original Facebook post, Captain James mentioned that, as well as being joined by The Pain, there would be a number of other talented local musicians joining him in the Born To Rum performance, and he was generous enough to elaborate this afternoon.

“The locally known, and perhaps beloved, pirate Captain will be joined by his faithful sidekick, Mister Blee (also known as Ben Feld, keyboardist of The Pain and also of the local jam band Turtle Soup),” said Captain James.  “The first performance of Born to Rum will also feature special guests Marcus Croan (Geena & Dragster) on drums, Jeff ‘Mudd’ Mahajan (Turtle Soup) on guitar, and the always enchanting Jerzy Jung on vocals.”

A normal performance by Captain James & The Pain is more than a show…it’s a production, with musicians clad in pirate garb, mind melting light shows, ray gun fights, comical theatrics melded with science fiction storytelling, complete with backup singers, and brass accompaniment…Captain James: Born To Rum will be a lot like that, just on a smaller scale, according the Captain James.

“While not the usual grand theatrical performance people have come to expect of Captain James and the Pain,” he explained, “Born to Rum promises to be a more intimate and audience interactive experience with all the witty humor and contagious fun that has drawn the Asbury community to the crazy space pirate tales of Captain James Peacock.”

“It’s a musical sidestep adventure for the Captain,” he continued.  “It’s designed to fit into smaller venues, and present some brand new material in a more laid back setting with the help of different local celebrity guests from the thriving Asbury Park musical community…Think of it as Captain James does cabaret with a little help from his friends.”

Last Perfect Thing and Sean Wolfle & The One Man Groove Band are also on the bill for the May 12th opening night at The Saint.

Rick Barry Set To Resurrects A Night In Progress

It’s been more than a year since Rick Barry hosted A Night In Progress, but, on April 20th The Saint will house Barry and a group of musicians that includes James Wells (Clark Westfield of The Gay Blades), Glen Burtnik, Amanda Duncan, and Allie Moss who, by the guidelines of this showcase, will all perform new music.

A Night in Progress debuted in 2008 (it that year’s Asbury Music Award for “Best Thing To Happen”) and for two years, Barry and a series of different musicians, which included April Smith and Val Emmich, to name a couple, would gather at The Saint with the challenge of performing an entire set of new tunes.

Finally, A Night In Progress returns with a stacked lineup, however, it should be noted that this a one night performance.  No other shows of this kind have been booked and it is unclear if more will be scheduled in the near future.

Also, those planning to attend, heed this warning, nothing rules have changed since the last gathering.  This is a silent show and there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for those who decide to make their voices heard.  If you talk, you will be removed without refund.

Tickets will go fast, get yours soon.

Quincy Mumford & Co. Release New Track

If you’ve kept up with this blog you know Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why Why will be hosting the release party for it’s new record, Speak, on April 9th at The Wonder Bar with a laundry list of special guest musicians, most notably Glen Burtnik and Jack Daley, set to join Mumford and the crew on stage that evening.

Today, via it’s Youtube account, quincymumford, the band posted “Speak My Mind,” a new track off its upcoming third studio album.  Check it out…

Tango Machina Set To Record A Volcanic Explosion Of An EP

With a new drummer at the helm in Jesse Comerford, Monroe rockers Tango Machina have finally made plans to record some music.

“We have a weekend session planned soon in the middle of a hot tub some of you like to call volcanos,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Caffrey.

“We’re planning to lay down a new version of “The Combination Is Explosive” featuring Jesse [Comerford],” Caffrey continued, “as well “Evil Twin,” and hopefully a few others.”

Caffrey went on to admit that Tango will make at least one of the tracks available for free download, maybe two, while the rest will be reserved for the group’s debut EP.

“We hope to have something ready to hear for the world’s eager little ears by early May,” Caffrey explained.

If you can’t wait that long, go check out Tango along side Kid Is Qual this Sunday at John & Peter’s in New Hope, P.A.  According to sources, Tango has a new track named “Let Out The Demons” that’s hot fire.

Lost In Society Set To Release New EP

Winners of the Metromix Break Thru Contest, recently held at The Brighton Bar, Lost In Society, are on the brink of releasing Give Me Your Hope, the band’s follow up to its 2010 debut full-length release Eastern Empire.

The five-song EP features the single, “Not Afraid,” which you can hear on the band’s Facebook page.

No Wine For Kittens Updates It’s Plans

Asbury Park’s top Indie-Rock band and owner of the best song of 2010, “Emily Part 1,” voted in for both by a committee of its piers, No Wine For Kittens has updated its fans on the group’s status.

“We’re trying to stick to a deadline,” read the band’s Facebook page yesterday.  “Hopefully we will be playing shows by the summer, and recording will be rapping up. Stay tuned.”

Personally, I’m excited to hear the follow up to No Wine For Kittens’ debut, self-titled EP…and you should be too.

Atlantic, Atlantic To Premier New Music Vid @ Asbury Lanes

Next Thursday, Atlantic, Atlantic will continue its monthly residency at Asbury Lanes, backed by The Extraordinares & Yulu and The Extended Family.  However, on the April 7th, the band will premiere its new animated music video for “The Break.”  Be sure to check it out.

Hands On The Stereo Release Teaser For New Track

Bergen County Pop-Punk five-piece Hands On The Stereo are in the studio preparing the follow up to its 2010, self-titled, debut EP and released a teaser to a new track named “You’ve Never Been To South Of The Border?” on Wednesday.

Dave Roberts Releases Another New Track

Long Branch rapper Dave Roberts has released another new track from his upcoming mixtape, due out April 20th, Walking On The Sun.  The track is called “Hustle Hard Remix” and it features Big Spanish…check it out below.

Walking On The Sun will be made available for free download on Dave Roberts’ music page.

Mercer Avenue Needs Your Help To Join Weezer & P!ATD

Ewing/Asbury Park New Jersey five-piece Mercer Avenue are in the running, with a series of other bands located in the Philadelphia area, to open the Radio 104.5 birthday show featuring Weezer and Panic! At The Disco.

As a member of the student body at The College Of New Jersey, I can vouch for Radio 104.5.  In the words of the Most Interesting Man In The World…I don’t always listen to the radio, but when I do, I prefer Radio 104.5…and Mercer Avenue would be a great fit at this show.

Grab the band’s debut EP, Nothing Left Behind, for free right here.

Then vote for them to open for Weezer and Panic! At The Disco here.

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