Bruce Springsteen Runs The Wonder Bar For The First Time Ever

“When we first started out around here,” explained Bruce Springsteen to members of the capacity crowd who guessed correctly and chose The Wonder Bar as their Saturday evening watering hole amongst the different Asbury Park venues The Boss was rumored to play, “we’d be opening for these Doo-wop groups.  And when the time of night came to slow things down, you had to have songs like this next one in your repertoire, or things would not go over well for you.”

“This next song,” Springsteen continued in his first ever live performance within The Wonder Bar’s intimate abode, “is the kind you play when it’s time to get on the dance floor and grind, and it’s called ‘What’s Your Name.'”

“What’s Your Name,” a song penned in 1962 by the New York City R&B duo Don & Juan, was one of the three covers performed at the end of the night by a Boss led all-star band featuring Vini Lopez (the original drummer of the E Street Band), Nicky Addeo of The Night Owls, Bobby Thomas, who played alongside Springsteen on guitar, Billy Ryan, and Ed Manion, among others.

As well as the aforementioned track, the group, which gathered for this special performance dubbed Nicky Addeo & Friends Celebrate The Music Of Asbury Park’s Westside, strolled through the 1924 Ma Rainey number “C.C. Rider,” and sent the assemblage out into the cool Asbury darkness with a raucous rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.”

Earlier in the night, Springsteen played guitar on several tracks, including “Gloria,” and shared vocal duties with Southside Johnny Lyon on “Stand By Me.”

Southside also sang backing vocals, minus Springsteen, on various tracks throughout the evening such as “60 Minute Man.”

Springsteen was on The Boardwalk this evening for the world premiere of the Clarence Clemons documentary Who Do I Think I Am, which played at The Paramount Theater as part of the eighth annual Garden State Film Festival.

The Big Man was also in attendance, one night after a sax-synced presentation of the National Anthem at Sun Life Stadium in Miami where the Florida Marlins opened there season against the Mets, for a post film question and answer session with fans.

The Boss is rumored to play again in Asbury Park on Sunday night at the Stone Pony Reunion, a sold-out benefit concert to raise money for the medical bills of Butch Pielka, a founder and original owner of the storied venue.  Scheduled to appear are members of The Asbury Jukes, J.T. Bowen and the Soul Cruisers, Cahoots, Cold, Blast & Steel, Stir Crazy, Max, Jersey All-Stars, Holme, and Cats on a Smooth Surface…see more information here.

Southside Johnny Photos:

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4 Responses to Bruce Springsteen Runs The Wonder Bar For The First Time Ever

  1. Jerry says:

    I don’t believe Bruce was at the Clarence Clemons movie premiere. He was at the Wonder Bar exactly when the movie was showing. I was there and didn’t see him or hear that he was there. (Unless maybe he snuck in and out while it was dark in the theatre.)

  2. Kathy says:

    38 artists, including Bruce Springsteen, donated some of their hits to the Songs for Japan benefit album, and it’ll be released Tuesday so donate money for Japan and get music!

  3. Leonor says:

    gracias por la informacion, desde Mexicali, Mexico un saludote

  4. Tom Bowler says:

    This brought back so many memories from the 70s when I was raising a family in Asbury Park and commuting to New York every day. My nephew (by marriage) Billy Ryan was playing various venues with several bands he played with. Later on he played with CC and The Red Bank rockers and The James Cotton Blues Band. Bruce was just becoming known. I heard him at Mr’s. Jays one night. and didn’t recognize any of the songs. My friend Joan Pikula (Asbury Park Press Entertainment Editor) had asked me to come and see him. I told Joan “I must be out of touch because I didn’t recognize any of the songs”. She said, “They’re all original by Bruce”. I was flabbergasted. All the bands were doing covers. I wish I could say I knew then he was going to be a a huge star but I didn’t. I was just constantly being more and more impressed. It’s been 40 some years and he keeps getting better in so many ways. It was a real pleasure to watch the videos.

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