Local Music Roundup (4/9/11)

Almost There Puts Out New Cover

Promotion Poster created by Zach Sicherman

SIMGE has been documenting Almost There’s Almost Friday cover series which, if haven’t been paying attention, entails the Pop-Punk three piece releasing a new acoustic cover song every Thursday for the last five weeks. This week’s entry of The Starting Line’s “Drama Summer” joins tracks by The Beatles, Sublime, Blink-182, and the Foo Fighters. It has also been reported that Almost There has been working on new music with a professor of Monmouth University and his recording class.  Earlier this week the band was gracious enough to provide me with a new raw and unmastered piece of ear candy its been working on and I’ll tell you what I told them…

A feeling of flotation came over me upon first hearing this yet to be titled track, like strapping a saddle to a cloud and riding head first into a windstorm.  The track still has that Almost There feel, the sound that fans have come to love over the years, but, there are subtle differences, which I will not disclose at this time.  However, I will say that if this track is any indication of what’s to come, then Almost There has figured out the high wire balancing act many bands struggle with.  That is, there style has evolved so listeners have something new to chew on, but, are not alienated because the sound they love is still intact. Almost There stick wielder Phill Serzan had this to say, “We strayed away from the cookie cutter post-breakup tragedy style of song writing…the band is evolving but don’t even worry because there’s almost a full albums worth of material that still sticks to what we do best.”

The band last played at The Saint and premiered a brand new song.  Almost There plays again this coming Wednesday at The Brighton Bar and more new music could be in store.  Be sure to check it out.

Quincy Mumford & Co. Release Slew Of New Songs

In the past week, local Beach Comber-Rock outfit Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why released seven new tracks from its upcoming third full-length release, Speak, including the collective’s most recent song to drop “Diamond In The Rough (feat. Glen Burtnik).”

The lead-in to this track on the band’s Facebook profile read “I [Quincy Mumford] had the chance to write a song with a big songwriting inspiration of mine, Glen Burtnik. This is what we came up with.” Burtnik, among others, is supposed to be on hand tomorrow night as a special guest performer at Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why’s Album release party, hosted by The Wonder Bar. Hear the rest of the newly released tracks on the band’s Facebook profile.

Atlantic, Atlantic Releases New Music Video

At the band’s monthly residency at Asbury Lanes on Thursday Atlantic, Atlantic premiered it’s debut music video for it’s track “The Break.” Much like both of the band’s EP covers, the trippy animated video follows a pencil sketched character through a series of unfortunate events, including floating to the bottom of the ocean and being captured by a giant old man and placed in a glass case on his shelf…how does this tail of dread end?  Watch and find out.

Local Acts Race For Roo 2011

For the first time since the Manchester, Tennessee music festival’s inception almost 10 years ago, Bonnaroo has left a handful of openings in the lineup…well…in the capable hands of the voting public.

Bands around the world can enter for free and be placed in the running for the Road To Roo contest presented by Sonicbids.com.

To vote for your favorite bands simply go to their Road To Roo profile and download a free track from that act.  The top eight downloaded acts will go under review by Bonnaroo representatives, and out of those finalists, two will be added to the lineup.

Check out the local musicians and bands in the running such as Outside The Box, which is currently knocking on the door in 9th place, The Paper Suns, who’s profile is credited to this very author, Matt Wade, and Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why.

Sleigh Bells Is Coming To The Pony

It’s official, one of the biggest buzz bands on the market, Sleigh Bells, will be gracing our humble boardwalk abode on Friday, May 13th at The Stone Pony, the band’s first visit to the Garden State since its Wellmont Theatre appearance with the recently defunct LCD Soundsystem in September of last year.

It’s difficult to classify Sleigh Bells.  This duo is louder than all Pop and Rock groups and gives a lot of metal acts a run for their blood drenched chalices.  However, much like a Pop and/or Rock group, Alexis Krauss, a former school teacher from New Jersey, has these bubble gum pop vocals that could cause emissions from Katy Perry’s tear ducts, rather than her…well, you get the idea.

The duo recently scored a slot at Bonnaroo Music Art Festival’s 10th Anniversary in mid-June and the groups debut album, Treats, was placed at #6 on SIMGE’s Top Album of 2010 list.

The Amboys Announce Show Schedule

On Monday, the Indie Folk-Rocking four-piece known as The Amboys, scribbled some dates on a napkin with some hard to read venues and location next to those dates, took a blurry photo of said handkerchief, and posted the pixelated picture to Facebook:

From what I can tell the band is playing at the Asbury VFW on May 7th and at Asbury Lanes on the 27th of that month.

Not pictured on this napkin is The Amboys rumored appearance at the Seasisde Music Festival on May 20th.  According to a Facebook conversation with Cole Brice, he has tentatively booked The Amboys to perform on the aforementioned date at Jack & Bill’s bar and grill along with Brice’s band and The Sunday Blues.

Only Living Boy Plans Special Record Store Day Release

The poster you see above will be included with a special Record Store Day release on April 16th planned by Only Living Boy.

The band will release a limited edition seven-inch single.  Where the single will be available has yet to be announced.  Stay tuned on the band’s Facebook page for more details.

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