Speakend Playlist (4/9/11 – 4/12)

My apologies for last week’s absence, lots of end of the semester bs to deal with.

“Let’s Roll” by The Riverwinds

I’ve found it difficult to put The Riverwinds into words.  The band’s debut EP and full-length strike me a refreshing and gritty take on Social Distortion-type Americana-Rock but that seems to simple a description…so, I’ll allow the group to explain themselves.

“As much as music is fun,” reads The Riverwinds Reverbnation profile, “it also takes a lot of hard work to make a living out of it and The Riverwinds aren’t any stranger to the grind. Formed in the summer of 2007, The Riverwinds have recorded an EP and a Self-titled full length, been through line up changes, near death experience, traversed the continental US playing wherever they could get booked and doing anything to make a dollar to get a meal and to get to their next show.”

The Riverwinds just completed a tour on April 1st and plans to get back into the studio soon to begin recording its sophomore full-length release.  This next cut is off the group’s 2009 self-titled debut.

“Awful Killers” by Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans

Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans “grew up in suburban North Jersey during the Grunge ’90s” and names Nirvana, The Beatles, and Neutral Milk Hotel as major influences on the band’s musical endeavors.  This next song, the title-track off the band’s 2008 record, was definitely penned after a long night of binge listening to In An Aeroplane Over The Sea. The slow rolling buildup led by an acoustic guitar toting Ferraro that eventually climaxes before floating back down to earth is an appealing Jeff Mangum tactic that Ferraro and the gang put their own spin on…be sure to check out the band’s 2011 full-length What’s Yours Is Mine…but for now:

“Leave Me Alone” by Ian Axel

Fair Lawn’s Ian Axel will release his debut This Is The New Year, a collection of poppy Piano-Rock at its best, on Tuesday.  During the making of this record, Axel was accompanied on various tracks by a cast that included Jenny Owen Youngs, bass plucker Chris Kuffner (Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michelson), and stick wielder Adam Christgau (Sia, Joshua Radin) among other artist cameos.  This record is an honest look into the life of a young musician and, as is the case on this next track, will have you singing along to another humans pain and anguish…Axel will perform on April 16th at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.

“Life Is Beautiful” by Shayfer James

In the words of Trent Walker (Vince Vaughn in Swingers [1996]) Shayfer James is like “the guy in the rated R movie, the guy you’re not sure whether or not you like yet.  You’re not sure where he’s coming from.”  Sure, in this next cut, the dark and brooding piano rocker will tell you “life is beautiful” but can you trust a man in black with a hat yanked down over his eyes…and is that red wine or blood in his cup?  Take the plunge into James’ 2010 release The Owl & The Elephant and find out for yourself.  Here’s a preview…

“Original Source” by Senium

Senium, a two-man wrecking crew of a Rock band from Ocean Township, owns a sound that would have fit perfectly on the 1988 Sub Pop 200 compilation tape amongst first releases from the likes of Tad, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Green River, to name a few.  However, none of those first efforts can touch Such Progress, Senium’s debut full length, which is due out early next month.  The band’s upcoming release was recorded in Chicago, and quite fittingly, under the watchful eye of Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac) who’s “Spoken Word Intro Thing” opened the 1986 Sup Pop 100 compilation tape.  With Albini’s assistance, Senium has managed to create a jagged and grungy record with a nice mix of gloss, but nothing that can be accused of over production.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the album on which this next track resides.  The first batch of records for sale will be a limited pressing of 100 copies…so act quick.

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Chris graduated from The College Of New Jersey in May 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Professional Writing, as well as a degree in Communication Studies. He has held down a position in the Asbury Park Press’ Sports Department since September of 2010 and is a contributor to the outlet's Arts & Entertainment section, and has contributed to The Aquarian Weekly all while being the sole operator of Asbury Park's premier music news outlet Speak Into My Good Eye.
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