The Obvious And Old Nick Help Chemtrail Release New Record At Asbury Lanes

Last Friday, the Boardwalk’s premiere 10-pin penthouse and music locale, Asbury Lanes, was ground zero for one of the year’s more anticipated record release parties, the unleashing of Youth Obsessed Death Culture by the Instrumental-Rock collective Chemtrail, the band’s third collection of epic environments.

A stacked lineup featuring grungy Asbury Punks, The Obvious, and Indie-Rocking atmospheric architects, Old Nick, supported the headliner’s spacious tunes which turned out to be an explosive sonic concoction, causing the most beautiful nuclear blast to ever hit the boardwalk.

Old Nick and its catalogue of vast, jangly-guitar guided, soundscapes was the blinding light upon impact that captivated the capacity crowd earning a level of attention not often garnered by an opening act.

The Obvious, fronted by Angie Sugrim, a venus man-trap who lured in Lanes patrons by sporting a sundress and fastening a daisy in her tangles, only to melt the unsuspecting mass to their knees with acidic guitar riffs secreted from various amplifiers strategically stationed around the stage, was a sonic wall of fire that knocked the sea of show-goears back 10 feet and sent them stumbling to the waxed woodwork.

After the majestic musical mushroom cloud that is The Obvious turned the nearby sandy shoreline to glass, the band gave way to Chemtrail, the act of the hour that’s mind altering instrumental arrangements trickled down from the flame-lit skies as fast-acting entertaining fallout, mutating audience members; some acquiring excess eyes to better see, others growing extra ears to better hear, all thoroughly enjoying the performance even more…and all the while, the smiles they wore, suggesting they wished something like this were actually possible.

Chemtrail’s Youth Obsessed Death Culture has leapt toward the top of the short list of SIMGE’s Top Albums of 2011 so be sure to pick it up at one of the band’s upcoming shows or purchase it from the band’s Web site here.

Download The Obvious’s fiery 2010 debut EP, Bringing Wreck, produced by The Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf, here.  The band goes back into the studio next week to lay down some more tracks with The Pete, so, stay tuned for that.

And as for Old Nick, don’t sleep on these guys.  The group’s recently released five-track demo collection is impressive.  Check out the band’s Facebook page and grab three of these songs for free.  

Chemtrail Setlist:

  1. Moon Boots
  2. Honorable
  3. Overdose
  4. Trans Am
  5. Space Invaders
  6. Mischief
  7. Fly Car
  8. D.A.
  9. Think Tank
  10. Escape Artist

The Obvious Setlist:

  1. Hell
  2. Truth
  3. Bomb
  4. Last Lily
  5. Heaven
  6. Dead
  7. G Song
  8. Mercy
  9. New Song
  10. Doctor Doctor
  11. Don’t Match
  12. Watershed
  13. KO
  14. Date With The Night (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
More Chemtrail Photos:
More Photos Of The Obvious:

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