The Music Box: Lost In Society…A Hope Seeking Missile

Release Date: Summer


  1. Not Afraid
  2. Wrong Direction
  3. Three Long Years
  4. Waiting
  5. Too Late Too Fast

Album Rating: 4/5

(L to R: Nick Ruroede, Zach Moyle, Hector Bonora)

“Seeing people get stabbed in the back by their supposed friends and seeing a lot of unnecessary shit talking going on somewhat inspired this song,” explained Lost In Society front-man Zach Moyle of the Asbury Punk outfit’s lead single and crowd pleaser ‘Not Afraid’ off it’s recently completed five-track EP Give Me Your Hope.  “And who doesn’t love screaming ‘fuck you too’ at a concert after a long week of work or school? I know I do.”

But “Not Afraid” is more than a stress reliever, it’s a proclamation, a full page musical add announcing the arrival of the band’s follow up to an impressive 2010 full-length debut, Eastern Empire, and in turn, slating the three-piece among the top Punk acts on the Boardwalk…and the scene is taking notice.

Continue Reading To Hear An Exclusive Track: “Wrong Direction”

Aside from recently earning the grand prize in The Metromix Breakthru Band Competition and sharing The Stone Pony stage on Thursday night with legends of their respective genres, eight-man Ska band The Pietasters and H.R. of Bad Brains, Lost In Society was able to tap Bouncing Souls guitar maestro Pete Steinkopf to produce its upcoming release.

“Recording with Pete was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” exclaimed Moyle.  “He let us be free with everything.  He helped me piece together most of the lead guitar parts and we couldn’t be happier with how the tones of the guitars, bass and drums came out.”

“I definitely learned not to be afraid to try different things in terms of riffs and sounds,” explained Moyle of his tour under The Pete.  “He reinforced the fact that if you really love music and what you’re doing you’ll still be generous and really cool to everyone 20 years later.”

“Seeing Pete still loving it after two decades was really awesome,” Moyle continued. “That’s how I want to be at that stage in my career…if I’m lucky enough to get that far.”

LIS after winning Breathru @ The Brighton Bar

If Moyle and his bandmates, bassist Nick Ruroede and Hector Bonora on the throne, continue to churn out sonic cluster bombs  such as this, the band’s longevity won’t be a question.

With Steinkopf at the helm, Lost In Society was able to blend melodious vocals with meat grinder guitar riffs, tenderizing the tracks without compromising the band’s grit and grind, allowing the mind on a Pop-Punk diet to consume Give Us You Hope just easily as a Hardcore gorger.

“Wrong Direction,” the tale of a female who slips down the wrong path, will undoubtedly have you tossing your fist along to growling, chainsaw ripped guitar chords and a chorus in which Moyle assures this mystery chick “You don’t have to be Miss Perfection!”

“Three Long Years,” simmers slowly before exploding into a Rock N’ Roll love letter, much like your favorite Rise Against number, while “Waiting” is a disturbing depiction of a deteriorated mental state, eaten away by hating the one you love, and/or, loving the one you hate…a sludgy, grungy, and intriguing take on the subject of affection.

“I’ve been waiting so long,” croons Moyle after the verses, “to give you up, to push you away again.  I’ve been waiting so long for you.”

“There’s a double meaning in the chorus if you can catch on,” explained the front-man.  “It’s a stretch and I think I’m the only one who knows about it actually.”

The collection of tracks closes with a five and a half minute rager named “Too Late Too Fast.” It’s led by a repetitive Ruroede bass-line, and spacious fret work by Moyle that cuts through speakers like a fighter jet through clouds.  The song is borderline Surf-Rock and stands alone as my favorite on the record.

“‘Too Late Too Fast’ is about a couple in somewhat of a post apocalyptic world,” said Moyle.  “They’re real messed up but they’re the same as before, so it’s cool, and it’s about them ending their lives and knowing they’re going to hell.”

Give Me Your Hope is definitely a darker album than Eastern Empire,” he continued, “and I wouldn’t say there’s a centralized theme either.  It kind of hops all over the place while keeping the same type of emotion.”

No official release date has been announced for Give Me Your Hope, however, Moyle recently revealed on that the five tracks will first be dropped as a split with White Planes, New York Ska-Punks American Pinup in mid to late Summer, while “Not Afraid” and “Too Late Too Fast” will be released on vinyl as a limited edition 45-inch single sooner than that.

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