Featured Shows (5/9/11 – 5/15)


Black Wine, Mattress, Sparkle Shit, Le Trios Chaud @ Asbury Lanes

New Brunswick comes to the Boardwalk as Black Wine, the supergroup composed of members of such recently defunct legendary Jersey acts as The Ergs (Jeff Shroeck), Hunchback (Jay Nixon), and Full Of Fancy (Miranda Taylor), headlines The Lanes with a great undercard featuring Mattress, a three-pronged Punk attack complete with a Cello toting front-man in Tom VonHalle, frantic key-play by Connor Walsh, and dirty drum work by Pat Hannon, as well as Sparkle Shit, a fuzzy female filled three-piece that’s debut seven track EP, released in March, has developed into a favorite of mine and can be downloaded for free here.

Black Wine headlined Asbury Lanes back in April and performed six new tracks off its sophomore full-length release Summer Of Indifference, due out on Don Giovanni Records June 21st.

Here’s a sample from the record named “Through The Foam”

CONTINUE READING FOR INFO ON: Paul Rosevear (Readymade Breakup), Captain James & The Pain’s Born To Rum, Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why, Sleigh Bells, Chemtrail, Jon Snodgrass and Joey Cape, Old Nick, and Social Distortion who are all playing shows this week in the area.

 Ari Hest, Arian Felles, Paul Rosevear (Readymade Breakup) @ The Saint

Readymade Breakup front-man Paul Rosevear leaves Gay Elvis and the rest of the gang at home taking only his acoustic six string to the The Saint’s stage.  Rosevear’s solo music is much more subdued than the tunes he and his band mates produce, but no less enjoyable, and you can all four of his releases (Broken Nosed Poetry [2010], Greetings From… [2010], his 2011 single “So Good,” and Live At The Victoria [2011]) here.


Last Perfect Thing, Captain James & The Pain: Born To Rum, Sean Wolfle & The One Man Groove Band @ The Saint

A few weeks ago I spoke to the good Captain James about opening night of his new show Born To Rum at The Saint and this is what he had to say:

Born to Rum is a special limited run of performances that are intended to give the fans a taste of some brand new music while Captain James & The Pain, with our full 12-member lineup, including the “PAIN in the Brass” horn section, is in the studio finishing up our six-song debut recording, and preparing a brand new summer stage show called Captain James & The Pain Present SPACE PIRATES TWENTY ELEVEN!

In his original Facebook post, Captain James mentioned that, as well as being joined by The Pain, there would be a number of other talented local musicians joining him in the Born To Rum performance, and he was generous enough to elaborate.

“The locally known, and perhaps beloved, pirate Captain will be joined by his faithful sidekick, Mister Blee (also known as Ben Feld, keyboardist of The Pain and also of the local jam band Turtle Soup),” said Captain James.  “The first performance of Born to Rum will also feature special guests Marcus Croan (Geena & Dragster) on drums, Jeff ‘Mudd’ Mahajan (Turtle Soup) on guitar, and the always enchanting Jerzy Jung on vocals.”

This is more than a show case of musical talent…it’s a production, and one not to be missed.

Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why @ Jamian’s Food & Drink

Two weeks ago Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why began its residency at Jamian’s Food & Drink in Red Bank where the band will remain, every Thursday (dubbed Feel Good Thursday) until the end of Summer.  If you’re not into the sword fights and laser duels produced by Captain James and his motley pirate crew, come out to Jamian’s, grab some food, grab some drink, and let the smooth sounds of Q-Mumf and Company serenade you with brand new music from the collective’s recently released full-length Speak

“Bring ‘Em Home” is featured on that record and you can view the official music video below:

You can also grab a free download of the album’s anthem “Speak My Mind” by signing up for the band’s official e-mail list here.


Sleigh Bells, Javelin, Wet Witch @ The Stone Pony

Manasquan native, Alexis Krauss, returns home for the first time since her and, former Poison The Well guitarist, Derek E. Miller’s Dance-Punk duo, Sleigh Bells, has grown into a festival hopping, globally renown, amp blaster upon the release of the pair’s 2010 debut full-length Treats.  Pitchfork, Paste Magazine, and Speak Into My Good Eye raved about the record and now you can come see it performed live at The Stone Pony.

At only 32-minutes long, the album won’t fill up the full headlining time-slot, it should be interesting to how Sleigh Bells uses its time.

Chemtrail, Athletics, Gleaming The Cube, Lor, Michael Cicalese @ The Saint

The Saint will play host to a pair of Asbury’s best soundscape masons…Chemtrail, who will make its first area appearance since the official release of the its third full-length studio album, Youth Obsessed Death Culture, last Tuesday (read about the group’s record release party at Asbury Lanes in April here.) and Athletics.

Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass, Taylor Allen, Chris Skel @ Asbury Lanes

Last year Jon Snodgrass met up with one of my favorite english musicians, Frank Turner, and together the two created Buddies, a 10-track collection which is essentially the Folk-Punk version of Tenacious D’s self-titled debut, with all the comical pre-song, mid-track, and afterward banter that only a couple of friends could have.  The pair even discuss Asbury Park in the track “New Orleansy.”  Bottom line…I love this album, I’m pretty sure it was recorded in Snodgrass’s Colorado living room in a matter of a two days, in chronological order, and most of the tracks are ad-libbed.  Don’t tell anyone but, well, here.  Don’t say I never provided you with anything awesome before.

Oh yeah, and Joey Cape of Lagwagon is headlining.  Go check this out.


Old Nick, Gates, Suns, Transit Method @ The Court Tavern

Indie-Ambient rockers Old Nick take their spacious sound to The Court Tavern in New Brunswick.  The local four-piece was tapped by Chemtrail to open the aforementioned record release party at The Lanes in April and I must remark that one rarely sees an audience so awe struck by an opening act, but, after the final spacious chord was struck a series of thuds could be heard, not from bowling balls bouncing down a lane, but from jaws hitting the waxed panelling.  Check these guys out and grab three free tracks here. 

Social Distortion @ The Pony

This one is self-explanatory.  Social D was forced to miss its Pony performance a few months ago due to band-wide illness.  On Saturday the Cow-Punks make good on their prior obligation while touring on its 2011 release Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes.

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