Sleigh Bells Talks Treats Follow-up

Sleigh Bells, composed of Manasquan native Alexis Krauss and former Poison The Well guitarist Derek Miller, shook The Stone Pony to its foundations on Friday night and talked to Rolling Stone Magazine on Monday about its forthcoming follow up to the Dance-Punk duo’s renown debut release Treats.

“I think the new stuff differs from Treats in that, emotionally it’s a really heavy record,” explained Miller, “I don’t think theres a detachment with Treats, but, for lack of a better word some of thwe stuff you can just consider ‘party music,’ just dance, don’t think about it, and that’s definitely not the case with this one.”

Miller went on to explain that he and Krauss will utilize material left over from the recording of Treats.

“We didn’t even get to finish it [Treats] and we had to leave,” said Miller.  “It was the classic mistake of booking shows while you’re in the studio…’we have these shows coming up so we have to finish.’  We’re not going to make that mistake this time, we’re going to take our time and won’t rush it out.”

For its sophomore release, Sleigh Bells will be working in professional recording studio and, admittedly, does expect its sound to change.

“For this next record,” said Krauss, “I think people will recognize it as a Sleigh Bells record, but, a lot of that accidental sound that came out of necessity, in terms of things being really blown out, “Crown On The Ground” for example, everything was pushing into the red, we’re not going to start where we had to start in the beginning.  We’re actually going to have a proper studio at our disposal which I think is going to change the sound.”

But don’t distress.  Despite all this talk of ‘party music’ and a sound that is “blown out,” Krauss still expects the future work to kick the hell out of listeners.

“Even the demos we have now,” said Krauss, “some of the stuff Derek has recorded, sounds more immense to me and really huge, so there’s still going to be tons of volume.  And hopefully that same intensity will be communicated to the people…that punch-in-the-face-esque intensity.”

According to Miller, Sleigh Bells will begin tracking the record on June 25th, a little more than two weeks after its opening night performance at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester Tennessee, and is shooting for a release date early in 2012.

“We’re not looking to take a lot of time off, put it that way,” said Krauss.  “We want to make the record and we want to share it ASAP.”

Although it pains me to do this…to watch the entire interview on click here.

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