Capt. James & The Pain To Premier New Show @ The Sand Witch Tomorrow Afternoon

On Sunday at 4 p.m. Captain James Peacock will lead select members of his musical crew of space pirates (Mike Smith and Ben Feld on keys) onto the stage of The Sand WItch in the premier of a brand new show entitled Space Pirates Twenty Eleven.

If you’ll remember back, a little more than a month ago, the collective of musically endowed space pirates introduced another brand new production at The Saint entitled Born To Rum and, according to the good Captain, the band’s May 12th production will, most likely, remain the first and only performance of that kind.

“I think that may be the last Born To Rum show,” said Captain James.  “It was kind of an experiment, with the guest players [Joe Harvard, Jerzy Jung, Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan] and what not.  It went well, but not as well as expected.”

Continue reading for further information on Space Pirates Twenty Eleven, videos and photos from the Born To Rum production, and details on the group’s upcoming debut release.

(L to R) Crewman Mike Smith and local favorite Joe Harvard

Peacock went to say that Born To Rum will act as somewhat of a prelude to the band’s Space Pirates Twenty Eleven, or, the bridge between he and The PAIN’s past adventures and the collectives triumphant return to Earth in 2011.

For those who were not in attendance at the one-off performance of Born To Rum, let me fill you in…

[Since the crew embarked on its maiden voyage back in 2003, countless battles have been fought and debauch acts performed in hopes of defeating Earth’s greatest foe…the barbaric Mushroom hoard of Portabellas 3, and, it is with great joy and pride in my heart that I am able to extend this triumphant message to the masses that Captain James and his brave crew of laser toting pirates have in fact vanquished the Mushroom Queen and dispersed her army fungi warriors.

(L to R) Professor Antonius, Elena, Capt. James, Mike Smith

Although the victory was in fact a great one, Captain James and his crew were soon at odds as it appeared clearly to the majority that Peacock’s primary objective was not to return home in haste, but, to spread his lore throughout the vast depths of space in song, recanting the tale of his victory in every space bar and watering hole with a sound system.

Finally, MUTINY WAS AFOOT!!!  The good Captain and his faithful crew, Professor Antonius (John Paul Alfonso), Elena (Deseree Spinks), First Mate Blee (Ben Feld), and Mike Smith (Mike Smith) were marooned on maroon shaded planet.

Eventually, with their thumbs thrust up toward the heavens, the pirate crew, turned hitchhikers, were spotted by a vessel passing through the atmosphere and caught a ride to the planet of Antigua.  Here they built transmitting equipment that shot a hologram signal from the alien planet to the stage of The Saint…and the rest is history.]

…So that’s the story, you’re filled in, and now are unable to use the “I don’t know the backstory” reason as an excuse not to see this performance.

Asbury’s favorite band of space pirates returns to Earth Sunday at 4 p.m. on the boardwalk…check it out.

NOTE: Captain James & The Pain is recording its debut release and according to Captain Peacock, all of the tracks performed during the Born To Rum performance will be included in the collection of music…and guess who brought a camera:

Born To Rum Setlist:

  1. Two Thousand And Eleven
  2. Party In The Park
  3. Burn You Up, Burn You Down (Peter Gabriel)
  4. Enemy
  5. The Whole Truth
  6. Saigon Cinnamon
  7. Prize For Patience
  8. Battle Scar Ridiculous

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