Almost There Covers Fellow Jerseyites My Chemical Romance

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Almost There @ The Brighton Bar)

by Chris Rotolo, Senior Staff Writer

Almost There has added to its weekly Almost Friday Covers Series with its rendition of “Cemetery Drive,” not the first track that comes to mind off My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, the 2004 record that Catapulted the Jersey City product turned globe trotting Killjoys, toward international stardom on the back of such singles as “Helena,” “Thanks For The Venom,” “The Ghost Of You,” and of course the radio friendly number, one that even caught the cranium of the hard-to-reach “12-year old female Z100 listener” demographic, “I’m Not Okay.”

And the band’s choice begs the question…why this particular song, one buried at track #12 on a record full of hits?

“When that album came out,” explained Eddie Soles, the band’s axe wielder, “‘Cemetery Drive’ was one of my favorite songs, and Interestly enough, the location for this one came first.”

“My girlfriend mentioned the cemetery,” continued Soles, “and said it would look cool to shoot there because you can see alot from the top of the hill.  Then it hit us…lets do ‘Cemetery Drive’!”

“I remember hearing Three Cheers for the first time at house party in high school,” added Zach Sicherman, Almost There’s bass plucker “and remember thinking that MCR was putting such a rocked out and unique spin on that genre of music…I personally don’t know which are the ‘popular’ songs on the album, we just know which songs stand out in our ears and ‘Cemetery Drive’ was what we decided upon.”

As well as adding an element of creepiness, and being all too appropriate, the grave riddled hillside chosen for the shoot afforded Almost There with a career milestone the outfit was sure to take note of.

“…One of our biggest crowds ever,” commented Soles via Facebook post.  “The only problem is THEY WERE ALL DEAD!”

“It was quite intense,” responded Soles when asked later what it was like to perform amidst an audience of that magnitude, “gave me the chills in fact.”

“Cemetery Drive” adds to a collection of tracks that includes “Rumored Nights” by The Academy Is, as well as numbers originally performed by Foo Fighters, Blink-182, and Mumford & Sons to name a few.  Grab a free download of all the entries below:

Be sure to check out Almost There with Bert Lz, My Love For Danger, and Ingram Hill at The Saint next Saturday when the band will premiere its first music video for “I Cried Wolf,” the single off the Pop-Punk outfit’s 2010 Silver Lake EP.

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