The Music Box: The Venetia Fair’s New EP is “Derived from a hell bound circus”

Release Date: 6/24/11


  1. I’m Still Amazed
  2. A Lady And A Tramp
  3. Sone Sort Of Siren
  4. Killing Time (To Keep The Dream Alive)
  5. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
Album Rating: 4/5

“We try to make smart music,” said The Venetia Fair‘s Mike Abiuso [Kiss KissThe Gay BladesThe Mayor] of the Boston based outfit’s forthcoming EP The Pits, “music that satisfies the ear of the average listener, as well as the musician, while sprinkling our own entertaining twist all over it.”

The Venetia Fair’s follow up to an impressive 2009 full-length debut, The Circus, is far more sinister than it’s previous work.  Like the worst of trips down Willy Wonka’s river, you’ll see it through to the end, enthralled by every side show, knowing its been worth your sanity as you sink your teeth into the prize…five savory tracks.

The Pits has huge, catchy, and heavy choruses,” explained Abiuso, “with bazaar, quirky, piano driven parts that could have been derived from a hell bound circus.”

Continue Reading to hear the exclusive track “Killing Time (To Keep The Dream Alive)” 

The opening piano licks on “I’m Still Amazed” provides the ultimate ruse, leading an upbeat, almost jovial introduction, before turning sour, educating the listener of their minds’ true resting place…a region of maniacal Rock you’ll be happy to roast in.

The Venetia Fair seems to sink deeper into madness with each song, axe wielder Chark King drawing lush squeals from his six string with each torturous slash of the pick, his most enjoyable fret-play found on “Killing Time (To Keep The Dream Alive),” while front-man Benny Santoro’s pipe-work, an alluring amalgamation of Benjamin Kowalewicz [Billy Talent] and Lock’s [A Nightmare Before Christmas] vocal stylings, thrills from start to finish, culminating in a prickly and explosive jam session on Albert Hague and Dr. Seuss’ classic Christmas carroll “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch.”

Be sure to check The Venetia Fair out in a town near you while the band tours all Summer long with the traveling Rock N’ Roll carnival that is Vans Warped Tour.

“Our live show is 110% high energy from start to finish leaving the audience members asking themselves ‘what the fuck just happened,'” described Abiuso.

See for yourself when the Warped Tour rolls through Jersey for a pair of dates, July 21st at Camden’s Susquehanna Bank Center and July 24th at Monmouth Park Raceway.

And, if you’re in the area, be sure to pick up a copy of The Pits this Friday night at The Black Pearl in Wilmington, Mass. at The Venetia Fair’s official record release/tour-kickoff party.

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  1. Oh god… I’ve been waiting… and now… *fap-fap-fap*

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