Weekly Show Schedule (6/21/11 – 6/26)


Red Wanting Blue, Earthman, Rick Barry (No Wine For Kittens) @ The Saint

Sick Mind, Catch A Mouse, Xero Gravity, Dead End, The Crosskeys @ The Stone Pony

Bobby Strange @ The Sand Witch


Gimme Drugs, Mirrors & Wires, Taylor Allen @ The Watermark

Bob’s Bday Punk Nite with Kid Nichols, The Reveling, Man the Change, Departures DJs Pete Lepore & Steve Z @ Asbury Lanes

Gary Cavico, Bad Ass Open Blues Jam @ Asbury Blues

Mike Ghegan @ The Mad Hatter

The Dead Valleys, The Rock N Roll Vigilante, Dear Mr. Popjoy @ The Wonder Bar


Sikamor Rooney, Wreaths, Wicked Tomorrow @ Asbury Lanes

Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why @ Jamian’s Food & Drink

The Matt O’Ree Band, Shwizz @ The Saint

Erin Shewell @ Asbury Blues

Hiatus, Set It Free, New Day Dawn, The Twelve Thirty Thens, Milhouse, Talinday, The TBA Band @ The Stone Pony

Chris Morrisy Band @ The Mad Hatter

Matt Baker @ Langosta Lounge

Arnie Baird & Andy Nagy @ The Sand Witch


Hyla Brook, Jon Caspi & The First Gun, Matt Wade, Underwater Country Club @ The Brighton Bar

Hani & A Thief, DJ Danny Bronx, The Cheerful Robots, The Diplomat, Skull Motion, Joseph West @ The Saint

Xol Azul @ Asbury Blues

Deadelos, Sam Sims @ The Sand Witch

Steel Drums, Psycho Daisy @ The Mad Hatter

This Way To Egress, Hellbinki, Amour Obscure @ Asbury Lanes

Rob Dye @ The Wonder Bar

Tramps Like Us, Bobby Mahoney @ The Stone Pony

Darren Lambeth & Found Nation @ Trinity & The Pope


Ingram Hill, Almost There, My Love For Danger, Bert Lz @ The Saint

Jo Wymer, Bullet Bob & The Colts, The Domino Effect @ The Wonder Bar

Darouge @ The Stone Pony

Michael Brett, Chris & Tommy’s Good Time Show, Tommy Strazza @ The Sand Witch

Pam McCoy & Phil Rizzo, Golden Seal @ The Mad Hatter

Chapter 11 @ Trinity & The Pope

Move Quartet @ Dauphin Grille


Outside The Box, Dave McCarthy @ The Mad Hatter

Indigo Girls, Shadowboxers @ The Stone Pony

Dan Toye, we are., Michael Patrick @ The Sand Witch

NRG @ The Wonder Bar

Sandy Mack & The Asbury All-Stars @ Asbury Blues

PJ Rasmussen Quartet, Kimon & His Prophets @ Langosta Lounge

Paul Venier @ The Saint

About rote7123

Chris graduated from The College Of New Jersey in May 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Professional Writing, as well as a degree in Communication Studies. He has held down a position in the Asbury Park Press’ Sports Department since September of 2010 and is a contributor to the outlet's Arts & Entertainment section, and has contributed to The Aquarian Weekly all while being the sole operator of Asbury Park's premier music news outlet Speak Into My Good Eye.
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