Bonnaroo Day 2: Matt & Kim Play The Dust Bowl

Photo by JR of (Matt & Kim @ Roo '11)

“This is our first Bonnaroo,” announced Matt Johnson to those lucky enough to be under the cover of This Tent, as well as the thousands of blinded Roo patrons spilling out into the impenetrable shell-like cloud of dirt and grime, one not seen since Dust Bowl era Okies fled their home state in the dirty ’30s, that engulfed the venue like the slime-mold did to Dana Barrett’s art museum in Ghostbusters II, “So, thank you all for taking our virginity.”

Save for possibly Scissor Sisters’ Saturday evening set, Matt & Kim drew the largest tent audience I’ve seen in my three years attending Bonnaroo, and although the Brooklyn-based Dance-Punk duo may not have taken top head count, the pair should be awarded “Best Audience Interaction.”

The always eccentric couple tossed out gems such as Matt’s plead, “If everyone can do what I tell them, I’ll love you all ’til the day I’m in the motherfuckin’ grave,” the context of this statement: the front-man attempting to have the roudy Roo-sters shout “Let me clear my throat,” from DJ Kool’s song of the same name, prior to the breaking into “I Want,” a number off Daylight, the record that helped catapult Matt & Kim onto festival stages around the world.

And how can anyone in attendance forget Matt’s inquiring introduction to the fan favorite “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare,” when he asked “Who here has pissed somewhere this weekend that isn’t a bathroom?”

And finally, after Kim observes a pair of topless chicks seated upon the shoulders of their just as topless boyfriends, not nearly as alluring, she spoke from her throne: “This is not just us, it’s not just Matt and Kim, it’s all of us.  And because it’s all of us, we all have to do our part.  And if that means flashing your titties to the audience, or just saying ‘Da Da’ over and over again, then you gotta do it man…”

Roll on “Lessons Learned,” a song that drew a primordial roar from the sweat drenched congregation, which possessed a record number of attendees who passed out…numerous dehydrated bodies were dragged from the monstrous mass of dance.  I imagine that occurrence had a lot to do with this track.

“Daylight” by Matt & Kim (Live At Bonnaroo)

“Cameras” by Matt & Kim (Live At Bonnaroo)

“Good ‘Ol Fashion Nightmare” by Matt & Kim (Live At Bonnaroo)

Matt & Kim Setlist:

  1. Block After Block
  2. I Wanna
  3. Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare
  4. Red Paint
  5. Lessons Learned
  6. Better Off Dead (Alice DeeJay)
  7. Good For Great
  8. Turn This Boat Around
  9. Jump On It (Toronto)
  10. Silver Tiles
  11. It’s A Fact
  12. Just A Friend (Biz Markie)
  13. Cutdown
  14. The Final Countdown (Europe)
  15. Cameras
  16. Move Bitch (Ludacris)
  17. Northeast
  18. Cinders
  19. Daylight

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One Response to Bonnaroo Day 2: Matt & Kim Play The Dust Bowl

  1. scandalousmuffin says:

    I’m so sad I missed Bonnaroo. I heard Matt & Kim and other bands like Gogol Bordello rocked it.

    19 tracks to a set, wow. They do relatively longs shows. They did a similar playlist when I saw them at Terminal 5 on Wednesday.

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