Bonnaroo Day 2: NOFX…”A Big Disappointment”

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Fat Mike of NOFX @ Roo '11)

“I hope you’re ready for a big disappointment,” exclaimed Fat Mike to the rowdy pack of punks that pounced upon That Tent.  “Cause we’re gonna give it to ya.”

Playing the part of prototypical Punk-Rockers…

….then again, NOFX has been active since 1983 and has since grown into possibly the most beloved act within the Holy Quadrinity (not a word, but what I imagine would come after a Trinity) of ’90s California Skate-Punk outfits (along with Bad Religion, The Offspring, and Pennywise)…so I suppose they are a group of “Prototypical Punk-Rockers….”

…NOFX sped through an epic 20-track set, which is more amazing when you factor in the three to five minute conversation breaks in between numbers the outfit would to take to discuss various topics with the audience, including, but not limited to, white hot-sauce:

“Let me tell you a story because we’re not going play music tonight, we’re just gonna talk,” explained Fat Mike.  “We had some barbecue in Nashville last night and they brought us chicken and ribs with white sauce.  So I asked for some barbecue sauce, they said it was barbecue sauce, and it was fuckin’ Ranch dressing with Kayan pepper in it!”

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Photo by Chris Rotolo (NOFX at Roo '11)

How fans waving American flags at a rock concert in America is beyond strange:

“This is the first time we’ve ever played a show where someone was holding an American flag,” said Fat Mike, “that’s weird, that’s fuckin’ weird, I mean, we’re all Americans and we like it here a lot ’cause you got cable and stuff but you can’t wave American flags that fuckin’ weird.”

And how NOFX would be the only band of the weekend to jump in the air while playing:

“That guy from the Osmond Brothers doesn’t jump,” exclaimed Fat Mike.

“I think you mean the Almond Brothers,” replied El Hefe.

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Fat Mike of NOFX at Roo '11)

NOTE: The members of NOFX were obviously referring to Greg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band…I don’t feel right for having to explain this, but I fear some of you may not have understood why NOFX was goddamn hilarious…moving on.

The band cruised through such classics as “Stickin’ In My Eye,” “Bob,” and “Dinosaurs Will Die,” before performing the tent quaking, fest shaking, fan favorite “Linoleum,” NOFX’s most well known number, six songs into the set…but hey, that was the Punk thing to do, and  The Fat One may have even disclosed a reason why:

“We didn’t practice for this show,” he explained.  “Actually this show is our practice for Baltimore tomorrow.”

NOFX Setlist:

  1. Class War Intro
  2. Dinosaurs Will Die
  3. We Called It Amreica
  4. Stickin’ In My Eye
  5. Bob
  6. Linoleum
  7. The Man I Killed
  8. Herb Alpert
  9. Franco Un-American
  10. Eat The Meek
  11. Perfect Government
  12. Leave It Alone
  13. Leaving Jesusland
  14. Reeko
  15. Radio (Rancid)
  16. Fuck The Kids Part II
  17. Fuck The Kids Part II (Again)
  18. Kill All The White Men
  19. Bottles To The Ground
  20. Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist
NOFX Live Tracks From Bonnaroo ’11:
“Class War”
“We Called It America” 


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