Green Paper Drops 1st Single From 2nd Record, Jeff Lane Speaks

by Sir Christoph of the nomadic Rotolo Clan, Bringer of wealth and prosperity

On Monday, the Jersey-based psychedelic Pop-Rock collective known as Green Paper released the first single, “Stream Dream,” from its not soon enough to be released second full-length album, and follow up to Fire, the band’s debut record (one of SIMGE’s favorites) that officially dropped in February, Water.

Green Paper has made the Mark Padgett (Mae) produced single available as a free download where upon doing so, the listener will receive the draft version of “Stream Dream” mixed and recorded by Green Paper as well as short accompanying story written by guitar maestro Mike Mendonez.

“It’s been pretty interesting,” said the outfit’s six string fuzz storm Jeff Lane of the tracks reception thus far. “I’m really glad that some people are liking the new version and some people are liking the old one.  So far I haven’t heard a negative thing about it, and I hope that keeps up.”

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When word of this single first surfaced, Lane, and front-man Tomm Hart, voiced resignations, fearing that the amount of production, less fog/more gloss, might alienate members of the band’s fan base.  And still, according to Lane, despite all the positive feedback, those concerns have not yet subsided.

“No way!” expressed Lane when handed the question.  “I try to look at things from a third-party perspective all the time.  I’m like a weird critic of myself, I probably listened to the single like 200 times in the two days before it was released.  But so far nobody’s said anything about the production being too poppy.”

“I think Tomm [Hart] was ecstatic about how fresh it sounded,” continued Lane.  “He’s very into that sort thing, and that gives us a really nice sound.  I like things to sound like they’re a half-melty tape cassette.  I’m glad that the single’s got both sides to it.”

“But ultimately I have no idea how i feel about it,” added the haze maker.  “I think the way it will be rerecorded for the Water record will give it a place somewhere in between those two versions, and that one I’ll probably be very comfortable with.”

As mentioned prior, Green Paper has utilized the writing and storytelling abilities of the aforementioned Mendonez into this work with a tale entitled The Box.

“It’s the perfect complement to the single,” explained Lane of Mendonez’s piece.  “Conceptually that’s something that i’m really trying to appreciate and process, having to get rid of something so precious to you, for whatever reason.  It’s really sad, and people do it all the time.”

“Having the songs with the story is really a big deal for me,” Lane continued.  “It’s like pairing something that appears so pretty and happy with something so bleak, that’s the stark contrast that we want for water.”

Work on the rest of the record will continue after Hart returns home from a semester abroad as he completes his degree from The College Of New Jersey.

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