The Dead & Gone, The Scandals, & Emily’s Army @ The Mill Hill Saloon Tonight

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Emily's Army)

Venue: The Millhill Saloon (Trenton)

Time: 8 p.m.

Cover: $5

If the Garden State’s premiere Punkabilly outfit, The Dead & Gone, and one of the more angry, yet melodic, Hardcore-Punk acts to call Bayonne home, The Scandals, isn’t enough to get you out to the Millhill Saloon in Trenton tonight, there’s added incentive in the form of Emily’s Army, a four-piece of edgy adolescent Pop-Punks from Oakland California that just happens to include Joey Armstrong, the spawn of Mr. Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) on the throne.

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Joey Armstrong @ Asbury Lanes)

Don’t be misguided by that last statement, I was before checking these guys out at Asbury Lanes on Wednesday evening, Emily’s Army is the real deal.  They play with an explosive exuberance, popping off like roman candles toward the ceiling, and charring your face with fiery Punk tunes akin to those of Kerplunk-era Green Day, trading the drug-speak and lyrics dealing with masturbation and such for discourse on corrupt athletes (“Asslete”), slutty Halloween costumes (“Ho-lloween”), and a lust for life (“I Wanna Be Remembered”).

“Asslete” by Emily’s Army

The outfit’s 2011 14-track debut, Don’t Be A Dick, was produced by the aforementioned Punk-Rock deity, Billy Joe, and in this case I really can’t blame Emily’s Army for possessing a sound made famous by Green Day.  They grew up in Oakland and hung out in Billy Joe’s abode.  These guys were engulfed by Green Day-mania from birth…they didn’t have a chance.  And yet, Emily’s Army makes it sound fresh.

Maybe it’s their energy, their youthful exhilaration, but a live show as raucous as that paired with a record as enjoyable as Don’t Be A Dick, well, that combination is tough to fake and rarely a fluke.  I foresee this band developing a sound of their own in the very near future, but for now, what these baby-faced assassins are churning out is more than acceptable, and overtly enjoyable.

NOTE: Emily’s Army is named after the fundraising group of the same moniker currently fighting to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  The organization was started by the parents of Emily Daskas, a 16-year old from Anaheim, California, after their daughter was diagnosed with the disease at the age of two.  Although Emily has to endure a series of torturous monthly treatments she has still managed to take part in her passion, competitive dancing in which she has won numerous awards.

To learn more and see how you can join the ranks of Emily’s Army follow the link.

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