Speakly Playlist (8/16/11 – 8/22)

“Catch” by Cold Fronts

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Cold Fronts @ The Saint)

Philadelphia’s Cold Fronts are dirty Rock N’ Roll dressed up in Red, White, and Blue; spit shined with lush, squealing, waves of grace which careen from the amps of the outfit’s two-headed axe wielding tag team that is Jacob Hammil (Lead Guitar) and Sefton Eisenhower (Rhythm Guitar).  Melodious sing along anthems gush from the pipes of Craig Almquist and waltz forward into the evening to rhythms plucked and pound by Michael Fickes and Alex Smith.  If one has to attach a label to this outfit, I find it fitting to apply a term coined by the band’s manager James Wells (The Gay Blades)…Cold Fronts are Trash-Pop.

Note: This next track is a demo and doesn’t truly do Cold Fronts justice…so go see it played live when the band rolls down the boardwalk in October at Asbury Lanes.

“Catch” by Cold Fronts

“Bed Of Pine” by Communipaw

This next number, “Bed Of Pine,” is from the New Brunswick-based four-piece, Communipaw.  It’s the title track of a two-song single released by the outfit, which acts as the follow up to Communipaw’s 2010 full-length Big Blue, and continues the collective’s focus on slowly developing, acoustic guitar-led Indie-Rock tunes, riddled with vocal harmonies.

“San Cristobal” by Mal Blum

photo by Syd London (2010)

The music Mal Blum releases into the wild is anything but.  The Airmont, New York native’s tunes are simplicity and tranquility at it’s most delightful.  Blum’s Acoustic guitar-guided campfire sing alongs never quite push the tempo past a simmer, yet find a way to command the listeners attention, and like a fly you’ll undoubtedly find yourself floating back toward the light, unable to keep from flirting with this perfection.  This next track leads off Singer/Songwriter’s 2010 full-length Every Time You Go Somewhere, the follow up to which Blum has just opened up a Kickstarter fund that can be accessed here.

“San Cristobal” by Mal Blum

“Fear Not, The Nite Ate Me” by Space Jesus

Bow down and worship the lord of Dub Step for Space Jesus has risen, apparently, from his tomb on Planet Cognac and settled down in the Hub City to spread the gospel of basement quaking dance tunes.  All yee nonbelievers take notice:  I’ve seen a man dead on the dance floor have his heart restarted after Space Jesus materialized and showered him in bumping bass grooves.  If nobody else is willing to proclaim it then let me be the one to speak it…the divine Dub-Step Deity, also known as Jasha Tull, is a musical healer and patron saint of pitiful parties.  If I may, a reading from the book of Space Jesus’ self-titled debut…”Fear Not, The Nite Ate Me.”  Download the gospel here.

“Fear Not, The Nite Ate Me” by Space Jesus

“Hello Hello” by Thomas Wesley Stern

For those who are not yet privy, an incredible Folk movement has developed on the boardwalk, featuring such acts as the aforementioned Mad Feather Group, as well asAccidental SeabirdsThe AmboysElevator Art, and The Riverwinds to name a handful, none more intriguing than percussionless, banjo-led campfire tunes of Thomas Wesley Stern, a stripped down four-man string band that has sparked foot stomping sing alongs at some of Asbury’s most prominent clubs this summer, with this next number, the opening salvo to the band’s debut EP release Hope Folk,  at the forefront of it all.

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