Plus Plus Minus Played The Downtown With Cicada Radio

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Plus Plus Minus @ The Downtown)

On Wednesday evening, an audience that included Sam Bey (The Parlor Mob, The Black Jesuses, Sikamor Rooney) braved a downpour to venture into Red Bank and up to the second floor of The Downtown who’s M.A.D. Wednesday showcases continually feature a pair of top acts from around the area, most recently the North Jersey-based Cicada Radio and Indie-Rock supergroup Plus Plus Minus.

The latter features Jed Higgerson (The Churchills, Hello Lovely) on vocals and charred guitar play, Lisa Cusack-English  (The Poconos, boy/girl) plucking heavy bass riffs, the lightning storm that is Quinn English (The Gay Blades, Hello Lovely) on the throne, and a boot stomping Stoner-Rock sound that recalls Queens Of The Stone Age’s earlier, dirty, electric sex tunes.

The soggy congregation built as Cicada Radio, a member of the Tiny Giant Artist Collective, delivered a performance full of flame encrusted Indie-Rock bombs from it’s 2011 debut EP, Imposter, which detonated at the heart of the grounds leaving a crater in the midst of the dance floor.

The gaping hole was filled as Plus Plus Minus took the stage for only the second time (the group’s first performance took place on August 4th at Red Lounge, a venue located across the street from The Downtown) an issued seven-song set including a brand new tune that has yet to be titled:

One month ago Plus Plus Minus released a pair of demo tracks…you can download them below:

Continue reading for more videos, photos, and a setlist… 

Plus Plus Minus Setlist:

Photos and Vids of Plus Plus Minus:

Cicada Radio Vids And Pics:

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