SIMGE Speaks With The Creator Of All Tomorrow’s Parties: Barry Hogan

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by Chris Rotolo, Senior Staff Writer (Rotolo, The Creator)

Edited by Steve Bove and previously published by Metromix Jersey Shore on 9/26/11

Many a late evening has been spent by patrons in the various live-music dwellings and eateries along the Asbury planks, usually resulting in a hazy hangover and blurred recollections of exceptional times past.  In Barry Hogan’s case, however, this East Side adventure didn’t end with acetaminophen.  Instead, this weekend, we will all witness his greater vision: “I’ll Be Your Mirror” presented by All Tomorrow’s Parties.

“There are lots of places in the Northeast we could have held ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror,’ explained Hogan, the creator of All Tomorrow’s Parties, “but Asbury Park made the most sense.”

“I came to Asbury Lanes for one of my friend’s birthday parties,” he continued, “and I was instantly drawn to the Boardwalk.  Compared to our former site in Monticello (Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club in New York), the space is larger, it’s more accessible being so close to Philadelphia and New York, it’s more cost effective, and we thought it would be a perfect place to hold an event.  Asbury truly reminds me of the first city we held this festival in.”

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Hogan and his wife Debra, the latter a native of Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia, created All Tomorrow’s Parties in 1999, and held the organization’s inaugural event that same year on the East Sussex, England beachfront village of Camber Sands.

“All Tomorrow’s Parties was created as a response to the corporately funded festival circuit,” explained Hogan.  “There were no alternative festivals when I was growing up, and I got fed up with going to these corporate exhibitions where you’re herded around like cattle from field to field to sit stand with 60,000 others and stare at this band from hundreds of yards away.  There was no intimacy.  I think what we try to do is work with people we look up to, and present their music, music that we believe in, to an audience that share that same belief, in an intimate environment.”

This year’s rendition of “I’ll Be Your Mirror” features a pair of headliners in the Bristol, England-based Trip-Hop collective and curator Portishead (making its first East Coast appearance in 13 years) and Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) who recently emerged from a Salinger-esque hibernation to announce a string of solo performances.

“This is one of the strongest lineups we’ve ever had with Portishead, Jeff Mangum, Public Enemy, and such a great undercard,” admitted Hogan.

“It’s shocking to me that we were able to put this lineup together,” he continued.  “The timing was perfect.  Portishead was looking to do shows in the U.S. Jeff was finally looking to play again. Public Enemy was available. And pretty much every band Portishead requested I was able to book.  These acts could play anywhere.  They could go to any corporate festival and perform, but they chose ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror.’  It’s truly amazing.”

Musical, comedic, and cinematic events will take place all weekend starting on Friday September 30th at 4 p.m. within The Asbury Park Convention Hall, The Paramount Theater, The Berkley Hotel, and Asbury’s premier 10-pin penthouse and music locale, Asbury Lanes, featuring such favorites of this journalist as Shellac, Cults, Battles, Ultramagetic MC’s, Deerhoof, and Company Flow, among others and the aforementioned.

“Asbury Park is in revival period,” said Hogan in closing.  “The people at Madison Marquette and Asbury Partners have really taken an interest and put a good amount of work into rebuilding the area, and I’m hoping All Tomorrow’s Parties can play a role in the restoration and revitalization of this music town.”

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