Amy Klein Leaves Titus Andronicus To Focus On Own Music Projects

Titus Andronicus axe wielder, Amy Klein, has surprised the Indie-Rock universe by announcing her separation from the Glen-Rock, NJ collective Titus Andronicus with a message via her personal Tumblr site:

“I just got back from my last tour with the band Titus Andronicus,” read the note.  “Yes, it’s true. As of today, I am no longer a member of the band.  No, there was no big fight or anything—no wild partying, drug, or alcohol addiction leading to me getting fired—no dramatic story—nothing like that. It is just time for me to move on.”

“I can’t even explain what it is like to go from believing you are a total loser to believing that you are an individual with a voice,” it continued.  “I think sooner or later everyone learns how to believe in herself, but the thing is, not everyone is lucky enough to get to do this in front of an audience filled with people like you.”

Continue reading for more from Klein, including downloads from her own project, and Titus Andronicus front-man Patrick Stickles…

To the fans:

“To all the kids who came to a Titus Andronicus show over the past two years, I would like to say, “You are what punk is for. Punk is in you. Now go and do whatever you want with it.”

And to the band:

“And most of all, to the guys in Titus Andronicus—Patrick, Dave, Eric, Julian, and, yes, Ian, who put up with me for the past two years, and who are truly some of the most dedicated and hardest working musicians out there, I would like to say, ‘I wish you the best of success. You are the great American rock and roll band of our time.'”

Read the entire note here.

Titus Andronicus front-man, Patrick Stickles, also penned a lengthy note to fans via his personal blog which recanted the tale of how he and Amy first met, her inclusion in the band, their first triumphant trials on the road, to the conclusion of her two-year stint:

“She has become that vital a part of the band’s very identity,” wrote Stickles.  “Strange, and sad, to think that never more may we warm ourselves by the fire of her endless enthusiasm, or that she takes with her the dream of a Titus Andronicus album complete with her certain kind of magic. Anyone who has seen her on stage can speak to this intensity, the passion for rock and roll, as those who have met her know she has for life, that has inspired many of us, within the band organization and without. Yet, with this admiration must come respect, and it is dutiful respect that we will show to her decision to leave Titus Andronicus behind to devote her considerable energies to her ever-growing list of projects and passions.”

Continue reading the epic letter here.

And as for those aforementioned projects, samples can be heard below:

Stickles has announced via his letter that a stand in for Klein has been chosen, but the guitar maestro has not been named.  You can be one of the first folks to witness this six-string bandit live at the collective’s next, and sold out, performance on November 14th at Le Poison Rouge in Brooklyn where Titus Andronicus will open for Fucked Up!, which will perform David Comes To Life in its entirety.

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