A Speakly Playlist To Get You Through The Week (11/21-11/27)

“This Road Is Long” by The Lost Patrol

The fresh scent of an acidic rain coated black top, your head huddled beneath the heaviest of hazes formed via the amalgamation of oceanic foam and a cool breeze washing over the coast, unsure of where you’ll end up or what will meet you around the next bend.  The uncertainty is a as comforting as the churning mist is captivating, and that’s what experiencing The Lost Patrol latest studio release, Rocket Surgery, is like.  The cavernous collection of musical artistry and smoke smothered Surf-Rock numbers would suffice nicely in a late-night vampiric cabaret, no track more suited for such a stage than “This Road Is Long,” which you can stream below, thus the outfit’s forthcoming filmatic debut alongside Alicia Sylverstone in the 2012 release Vamps.  The Piermont, NY-based shoegazers are scheduled to headline Asbury Lanes on December 16th…don’t miss it.


“Weight Of The World” by Shayfer James

The ivory riff slinging outlaw known as Shayfer James is only days away from dropping Counterfeit Arcade, yet another full-length compilation of hypnotic Piano-Rock that will have congregations of the sinful crooning along to lush, cryptic choruses (“Villainous Thing”), and dancing in the shadows to beautiful candle lit waltzes (“L.V.S. [Your Lady Waits],” “Under The Willow”).  The sophomore release of this sinister pied piper of the Garden State’s underground contains poetic compositions, which ride turbulent waves of melodious verses, backed by a storm of intricate instrumentals (“Battle Cry,” “Diggin’ Up Hatchets”), with a pair minimalistic testimonial type-tracks mixed in amongst the bunch (“Peace,” “Have A Seat Misery”).  However, the cream of this crop rose to the top in “Weight Of The World,” the leading number to one of SIMGE’s favorite albums of the year.  Stream it below and be sure to pick up the record on November 29th here.


“I’m Not Ready Yet” by New York Rivals

Photo by Chris Rotolo (New York Rivals @ The Brighton Bar)

“I’m Not Ready Yet” is the opening salvo to New York Rivals self-titeld debut full-length release, a riotous 11-track compilation of Party-Rock anthems rooted in the Indie music haven that is Brooklyn, NY and our own musical hub by the sea, Asbury Park.  Erik Rudic, The outfit’s axe wielder, has a pedigree that includes such area acts as The Sixty Six (Scott Liss) and the recently defunct The New Volume, while the band’s bass plucker, Gianni Scalise, has also performed alongside Scott Liss and company.  Front-man Josh Moran’s alluring vocal stylings fall somewhere on a spectrum between the soothing work of Tyler Glenn (Neon Tress) and the charred exertion of Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), and New York Rivals have the ability to be just as big as both, if not more.


“High Noon” by True Apothecary

The Westchester, NY-based True Apothecary presents the listener with a style of tunes as obscure as the film references it makes.  It’s debut EP Thank You, Janitor, Thank You Scientist, which alludes to a conversation held in the film Half Baked between Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chapelle), and an uppity scientist at a pharmaceutical plant, is as alluring a title, to this journo at least, as the group’s catalogue of spacious and experimental Indie-Pop tunes.  It’s ambient soundscape construction performed behind melodious Singer/Songwriter-esque tunes, and a truly original and enchanting take on both of those musical stylings…enjoy this next cut from that record “High Noon.”

NOTE: Be sure to check out other selections from True Apothecary on the group’s Facebook page, including “1.21 Jiggawatts” and “What’s In The Box?!?!?!” here.


“Broadcast Fiction” by The Body Electric

“Broadcast Fiction” is track number three on an EP dubbed Positive Charge, the 2011 debut release by The Body Electric, a Tannersville, P.A. product preaching a Punk-Rock ethos and delivering such ideas with a rhetoric wrapped in melodious verses and infectious refrains, all produced in the name of artistic freedom and an affection for creation.  Each record the outfit sends home with a new fan for the low price of nothing comes with following manifesto printed on the back:

“This album was made in the spirit of giving because we believe very passionately that no music should ever have any type of price tag associated with it.  In this day an age of all types of musicians transformed into cyber panhandlers begging for your hard earned money with the incessant rattling of their digital tin cups, we wanted to bring you something completely free to enjoy because our desire to make music shouldn’t be your financial responsibility, nor should you ever have to pay to listen to something we created out of love.  What we want you to do is in return is simple…share what is on this album with everyone you know, ask nothing in return, and tell them the old ways of the music industry pillaging the publics wallet are coming to an end.  In conclusion, the message we are sending with this album also happens to be the most important thing we learned while making it; music is art, art is love, and love is free.” -The Body Electric

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Chris graduated from The College Of New Jersey in May 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Professional Writing, as well as a degree in Communication Studies. He has held down a position in the Asbury Park Press’ Sports Department since September of 2010 and is a contributor to the outlet's Arts & Entertainment section, and has contributed to The Aquarian Weekly all while being the sole operator of Asbury Park's premier music news outlet Speak Into My Good Eye.
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5 Responses to A Speakly Playlist To Get You Through The Week (11/21-11/27)

  1. caitlyn guthrie says:

    Good job true Apothecary! Keep it up David!!

  2. Bob Saget says:

    Like oh my god! Those guys from True Apothecary are the focken shet!

  3. Gregory Guthrie says:

    The most talented group and very enjoyable to listen to even for this 62 year old. Very very talented . With backing they could go far.

  4. Caitlyn Guthrie says:

    Great job True Apothecary! Happy birthday David!

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