A Speakly Playlist To Get You Through The Week (11/28)

“High Noon” by True Apothecary

The Westchester, NY-based True Apothecary presents the listener with a style of tunes as obscure as the film references it makes.  It’s debut EP Thank You, Janitor, Thank You Scientist, which alludes to a conversation held in the film Half Baked between Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chapelle), and an uppity scientist at a pharmaceutical plant, is as alluring a title, to this journo at least, as the group’s catalogue of spacious and experimental Indie-Pop tunes.  It’s ambient soundscape construction performed behind melodious Singer/Songwriter-esque tunes, and a truly original and enchanting take on both of those musical stylings…enjoy this next cut from that record “High Noon.”

NOTE: Be sure to check out other selections from True Apothecary on the group’s Facebook page, including “1.21 Jiggawatts” and “What’s In The Box?!?!?!” here.


“The Combination Is Explosive” by Tango Machina

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Tango Machina @ The Court Tavern)

The Monroe, NJ-based Tango Machina recently distributed a re-recorded rendition of “The Combination Is Explosive,” the first track to surface since the outfit commenced recording its long awaited, and yet to be titled, debut EP, which is due out on an undisclosed date.  This latest take, though crisper than ever before, manages to retain the grit and grime that accentuates the Tango Machina catalogue, submerging the listener into a frenzied soundscape of thrashing Hard-Rock, akin to that of Queens Of The Stone Age, that has caught the ears of such well known national acts as CKY, Kid Is Qual, and The Gay Blades, all of which continually tap the three-piece to perform at their Garden State showcases.


“Over Water” by The Paper Suns

Photo by Chris Rotolo (The Paper Suns @ Porta National Park)

In August, Asbury-based Psychedelia-laced haze makers, The Paper Suns, entered the Boardwalk’s own Lakehouse Music to complete its debut studio release, a three-song EP dubbed Over Water, which dropped on Novemeber 23rd.  The collection is an accurate indication of the triumvirate’s artistic focus as cavernous pools of two-part harmonies accumulate in mass, spilling over verse and refrain alike, backed by Bluesified Americana-Rock tunes, no number more enticing than the title track…download the whole thing for free here.


“Worn Out” by The Riverwinds

Photo by Chris Rotolo (The Riverwinds @ The Brighton Bar)

Blossom&Die, The Riverwinds latest full-length release, is an 11-track collection of Americana-Rock numbers spanning the songwriting spectrum from made for radio ear candy (“Worn Out”), to acoustic guitar-led cuts that call to mind a more electrified and abrasive Fleet Foxes (“Crosswicks Creek,” “If You Gotta Go”), to barroom anthems bound for mug swinging glory (“Dance With Your Daughter,” “Change For The Better”) wrapped in an all too bleak title.  But this independent effort is more than something comparable to other works, and subject genre labels; it’s an exhibition in artistic growth, musical maturation, and one of SIMGE’s favorites of the year…you can grab the album in its entirety, for free, here, and be sure to check out The Riverwinds on December 3rd at The Saint.


“Killing Time” by Elevator Art

The science of the single is simple: keep it short, make it catchy, draw the listener in for what’s to come…and The Toms River, NJ-based Elevator Art just took a match to the rule book with its latest leading number, “Killing Time,” from the forthcoming Tent City EP.  The nearly six-and-a-half minute salvo is, much like the collective that penned it, a practice in unconventionality mending charred Punk riffs, with metal-coated fret work, and a series of funky bass licks, bound by a guitar and jazz-flute duel, the heaviest stick wielding, and of course, a singalong chorus.  “Killing Time” is as intriguing as it is captivating; as raucous as it is artistic; and one of SIMGE’s favorite songs of 2011.  See it performed live on December 9th at The Brighton Bar where Elevator Art is scheduled to release Tent City alongside Accidental Seabirds, The Amboys, Mad Feather Group, and Thomas Wesley Stern.


“Streetlight” by Blacktop Kids

Fresh off a nomination at the 2011 Asbury Music Awards for Top Punk Band, Monroe, NJ’s own Hardcore outfit, Blacktop Kids, is back with a new a song named “Streetlights,” a three-plus minute rage-tune that’s scorched fret-work, charred vocal stylings, and lyrical content about coping with a deteriorated relationship will resonate with fist tossing pit bosses, boot stomping chorus crooners, and Punk-Rock romantics alike.  The single is slated to head the outfit’s forthcoming EP Complex for which a release date has not yet been provided.  Stay tuned for more from Blacktop Kids as well as the band’s acoustic side-project Scream Across The Atlantic.

Last Week’s Results:

“High Noon” by True Apothecary – 4,745
“This Road Is Long” by The Lost Patrol – 3,363
“Weight Of The World” by Shayfer James – 978
“I’m Not Ready Yet” by New York Rivals – 154
“Broadcast Fiction” by The Body Electric – 109

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  1. Bill Mahr says:

    Those guys from True Apothecary make me wanna sing like a seagul, like damn! Keep it up sexies 😉

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