River City Extension Played New Music At The Pony, Scheduled To Play BandsOnABudget Gallery

Photo by Chris Rotolo (Joe Michelini of RCE @ The Pony)

“I was trying to explain it to someone,” expressed a sentimental Joe Michelini to The Stone Pony congregation, which hung patiently on his every word in silent reverence, “every time we take this stage, It’s like you’re dying.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s not sad or anything like that.  But it’s as if your entire life is flashing before your eyes.”

“The four people that came to our first show,” continued the nostalgic front-man, “are right here in the front row at this one, and the ten people that were at our second show are right behind them…and I’m just overwhelmed with emotion.”

On Wednesday evening, River City Extension’s 2nd Annual Holiday Show attracted a sold out assemblage to the Boardwalk’s most storied house of musical worship.  The Pony patronage packed in tight, giving thanks for a long awaited return of the latest talent to emerge from our musical hub by the sea, the Toms River-based Folk-Rock collective, River City Extension.

Continue reading for more info, new music, and a setlist… 

The band rode waves of jubilation that erupted from the ocean of humanity set before it after each selection from its 21-song set, which included deeper cuts from the outfit’s 2009 debut EP, Nautical Sabatical, a majority of its 2010 breakout full-length that landed the group on bills such as last year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, The Unmistakeable Man, and six new numbers that will be included on the group’s forthcoming full-length record Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger.

The 14-song collection is slated for a May 2012 release but you can hear it played in its entirety during a special, one night only, acoustic performance on December 16th at the BandsOnABudget Gallery on Mattison Avenue.  Seating is limited so secure your spot today at bandsonabudget.com.

1) Intro
2) Glastonbury
3) South For The Winter
4) Adrienne
5) Mexico
6) It’s No Hahaha
7) Point Of Surrender (New Song)
8) Welcome To Pittsburgh (New Song)
9) Our New Intelligence
10) If I Still Own A Bible
11) Slander (New Song)
12) Friends And Family
13) Letter To Lainie
14) Clever And Quickness
15) Fall (New Song)
16) The Ballad Of Oregon
17) West Of Home (New Song)
18) Elephant
19) There/Back (New Song)
20) Today I Feel Like I’m Evolving
21) Something Salty, Something Sweet

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