Light Of Day Fest Hits Asbury This Weekend, Features Lots Of Local Talent, Schedule Of Events Included

By Chris Rotolo, The Creator
As The Bamboozle’s brass prep to make their triumphant return to the North Beach in mid-may and the Barry Hogan-led All Tomorrow’s Parties organization does the same with its I’ll Be Your Mirror festival, scheduled to bombard the Convention Hall and Paramount Theatre in September, it’s becoming more apparent, with each large scale event gravitating to Asbury Park, that the eyes of the music world have once again turned their gaze upon our musical hub by the sea…and it’s no surprise why:  The abundance of skilled artists, in various mediums, are causing a sensory overload of the best kind around the country and, what’s more, around the world…and a multitude of those musicians will be on display this weekend.

The 12th Annual Light Of Day Festival (LOD) will return to Asbury on Thursday evening with events hosted by some of the Boardwalk’s finest venues in an effort to combat Parkinson’s Disease with this four-day, internationally renown, fundraiser of musical proportions, featuring an impressive lineup of nationally touring acts and an aforementioned alluring crop of locals.

Photo by C. Rotolo (The Obvious @ The Lanes)

“We’re really excited to have been chosen by the festival’s promoters to be featured as part of this event,” said Angie Sugrim, front-woman of the Asbury Punk collective The Obvious.  “The series benefits persons living with Parkinson’s Disease, and I think this festival demonstrates what’s so great about Asbury Park’s music community as, yet again, the musicians in our scene have come together for a great cause.”

On Friday, January 13th, in the name of that cause, Sugrim and the rest of The Obvious will be joined by the headliner, Manitoba (a Punk-Rock supergroup sporting members of The Dictators and Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom), as well as the Jersey City-based Wyldlife, Monroe, NJ’s Blacktop Kids, and fellow Asbury outfits Ruby The Hatchet and Lost In Society, at Asbury Lanes for one of the more talent-oozing showcases of the weekend.

“We’re really excited to share the bill with a slew of talented acts,” continued Sugrim. “Each band you’ll see at the Asbury Lanes with us offers something unique, while staying true to the Punk-Rock ethos and aesthetic, which speaks of the immense amount of talent Asbury Park has in it’s midst.”

Photo by C. Rotolo (Zach Moyle @ The Lanes)

“I’m really psyched to be a part of this festival,” admitted Zach Moyle of the previously mentioned Lost In Society.  “Not only are there tons of great bands playing, but it makes it all the better that it is for such a great cause. I think the Rock industry nowadays is seen as a very shallow and cut throat business, which it is, but a lot of good people work hard and use their abilities for the greater good, rather than personal gain.”

“Light of Day is a great example of people coming together and supporting a great cause by using something that has been bringing people together for centuries, music. So I’m personally really excited to play and to see all of the other bands play, I hope it raises a ton of money.”

Since the LOD organization’s inception back in 1998, its various ventures, including the 11 previous festivals held under its flag, have raised more than $1.5 million dollars for Parkinson’s Disease research, and, with a sold out congregation set to flock to the Paramount Theatre on Saturday night for the main event (a series of performances by the likes of Southside Johnny & The Poor Fools, John Eddie, Joe Grushecky & The House Rockers, Willie Nile, possibly The Boss, and more) this musical affair stands as one the greatest artistic celebrations and acts of charity Asbury Park hosts all year.

Check out the schedule below and come take part in the Light Of Day Festival:

Thursday, January 12th:
The First Note @ The Saint – Doors: 5 p.m. – Cover: $12
The LOD kicks off with showcase of local artists and outfits featuring such favorites as the Rick Barry-fronted No Wine For Kittens as well as the burgeoning Folk-Rock collective Lightning Jar, Asbury solo artists Joe MillerAnjelia, Colton Kayser, Keith Kenny, and many more.

Rock ‘N Bowl-A-Thon @ Asbury Lanes – Doors: 7 p.m. – Cover: $15
The legendary Punkabilly artist, Robert Gordon, fronts a lineup including The Stone Pony house band, Outside The Box, and more, including expected appearances by Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band) and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page…couldn’t make that up.

Friday, January 13th
Tribute To Asbury Angels @ The Stone Pony-Doors: 5 pm-Tix: $25+charges
J.T. Bowen and The Soul Cruisers front a lineup featuring the Nick Clemons Band, Asbury Garage-Punks favorites Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets, and more.

LOD Open Mic @ The Wonder Bar – Doors: 6 p.m. – Cover: $10 donation

Rich Russo’s Anything Show @ Asbury Lanes-Doors:7 pm-TIA: $15
More Info In Story Above

Saturday, January 14th
Asbury Blues @ The Wonder Bar – Doors: 12 p.m. – TIA: $15+charges
Eryn Shewell, Billy Hector, Billy Walton, Sandy Mack, Little Jimmy, and more, play The Wonder Bar

LOD 4 Kids @ Tim McLoone’s Supper Club – Doors: Noon – Cover: $10
First ever LOD 4 Kids event featuring acclaimed children’s artists Mr. Ray and Dawnie

Sounds Of Asbury Park @ The Stone Pony-Doors: 1 pm – TIA: $20+charges
Nicky Addeo and Steel Mill are among a series of Classic Asbury outfits to take to The Stone Pony’s stage.

Main Event @ The Paramount Theatre – Doors: 7 p.m. – Cover: SOLD OUT
More information in the story above.

Sunday, January 15th
Songwriters by The Sea @ The Watermark – Doors: Noon – Cover: ?
Lisa Bianco, Emily Grove, and Matt Wade are among a series of Asbury’s finest song writers that will take part in this intimate performance at The Watermark.

Songwriters by The Sea @ Langosta Lounge – Doors: 3 p.m. – Cover: ?
Feat. Jon Caspi, The Monacchios, Joe Harvard, and more.

Songwriters by The Sea @ Tim McLoones Supper Club-Doors:6 pm-Cover: ?
Feat. John Eddie, Joe Grushceky, Jerzy Jung, Quincy Mumford, and more.

The Last Note @ The Saint – Doors: 8 p.m. – Cover: $12
Feat. Random Test, Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why, Wakah Chan, Woodfish, and The White Chocolate Experience.

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