LOD 12: Best Punk Performance…The Obvious

Photo by C. Rotolo (The Obvious @ LOD 12)

Night 2 – Asbury Lanes: The Obvious is no stranger to The Lanes, in fact, it’s the Asbury outfit’s favorite Boardwalk haunt to play hard and party harder within on off nights.  However, Friday evening’s performance was particularly impassioned, as, not so much a buffer zone, but an impact crater opened up where the pit should have been.  It’s an all too common occurrence at this group’s live show.  Drawn near the stage by promises of a fist pumping, boot stomping, mosh of fury, patrons huddle around this group of musicians only to be staggered by the opening salvo, “Doctor Doctor” off the outfit’s 2010 debut Bringing Wreck (produced by Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls) during this set, knocked backward by the scorched moan of Daniel Astorri’s axe, slammed to the wood panels by the crunchy embrace of Mike Smith’s bass-play, and pummeled while they’re down by Rob Blake’s careening drum-work.  Yet, it’s front-woman Angie Sugrim who spits an inferno unto them, decimating the dance floor and her own physique by slamming into stacks and tumbling onto floors like a being possessed…did I mention they covered “Floyd The Barber”?

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Honorable Mentions…

Lost In Society: This trio of local Punks also played Asbury’s premier 10-pin penthouse and music locale and tore into the assemblage with selections from its debut, cuts from a forthcoming split EP with American Pinup, and a pair of new songs from a future full-length release which the band entered Lakehouse Music Studios yesterday to commence recording.  The Warped Tour-bound outfit’s brand of cauterized Pop-Punk drew patrons to the pit like leather-coated gnats to a lightning storm, no moment more expressive of this group’s lure than during its latest single, “Not Afraid,” when audience members rushed the raised platform to scream “FUCK YOU TOO,” in the face of front-man Zach Moyle’s choral statement, “Nice to meet you,” during the Jimmy Franklin-led tune.

Blacktop Kids: The Monroe, NJ outfit shared the bill on Friday with the previously mentioned acts, setting a blistering tone for the evening with an opening set of fire starters that included the opening number from its 2011 debut full-length Right In The Street, the 65-second fan favorite “Cam Jansen,” and a series of new tunes from the band’s follow up EP Complex…both of which were produced by the aforementioned Steinkopf.

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