Kid Is Qual, Plus Plus Minus Played Asbury Lanes (1/27/11)

By Chris Rotolo, The Creator

Photo by C. Rotolo (Kid Is Qual @ The Lanes)

Recent fallout on a West Coast jaunt with stick wielder Chris McLish left the Virginia-based Kid Is Qual in quite a predicament during its trip north to Asbury Lanes on Friday evening, and as it turns out, a quick stop off in Philadelphia was all it would take to right this bass-laden Dance-Punk vessel.

A one-hour rehearsal around 5 p.m. in The City Of Brotherly Love with the ever-talented Jimmy Coleman (John Legend, among others) and these Knights Of Ole were prepped to ride into battle again with a seven-song set of alley quaking, ball breaking, hysteria of the animatronic kind.

“We could’ve went at it like Sleight Bells,” said the band’s front-man Jon “Dr. J” Sullivan (Jack’s Mannequin).  “We could’ve went on without a drummer and layered in the beats with a computer.  But we never want to that.  It wouldn’t qual.  We wouldn’t be Qual.”

With Kid Is Qual’s favorite Jersey venue, The Court Tavern, recently closing its doors under the shadiest of conditions, we could be seeing more of this Wee-favorite around our neck of the Garden State very soon.  However, as of now, no more NJ-dates are on the schedule, but you can still catch the group at the Dean Ween-owned John & Peter’s in New Hope, PA on March 25th.

Plus Plus Minus took a much needed, and well deserved, trip to White Castle on its way home to Red Bank after an impressive set of Stoner-Rock anthems, but not before front-man Jed Higgerson celebrated a birthday on stage by poking fun at an inebriated female via a cell phone conversation aired through the Lanes sound system, a between track cupcake presentation, and eventually closing out the evening with a cover song.

“It’s a rule,” explained Higgerson to an audie, “that if it’s your birthday, you get to choose what song you want to cover…and I only seem to remember that rule on my birthday.”

Higgerson and company (Lisa Cusack-English [bass] and her better half Quinn English [stick wielder – The Gay Blades]) proceeded to air their rendition of “Heavy Lifting” by Ambulance LTD, a currently defunct Indie-Rock outfit from New York.  Check it out below:

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