Lost In Society And American Pinup Dropped A Split At The Lanes On Friday w/Colton Kayser And The Obvious

By Chris Rotolo, The Creator

Photo by C. Rotolo (Lost In Society @ Asbury Lanes)

It takes a congregation of 200 to officially fill out Asbury’s premier 10-pin pent house and   music locale, and on an evening where sleet and snow slapped the boardwalk planks Asbury’s Lost In Society and the White Plains, NY-based Ska-Punk collective    American Pinup finally released its greatly anticipated split album to a riotous bunch of fist tossing hooligans who, apparently, wanted nothing more than to see honorary LIS axe wielder, Jimmy “Fucking” Franklin, in skin-tight, zebra-print pants.

Lost In Society captivated its crowd for 60-minutes with one of the finest performances of the band’s career, playing a set of new tunes (songs from the aforementioned split) and newer tunes (songs from a forthcoming full-length the group recently recorded at Lakehouse Music…release date unknown), however, it was only after the final salvo was played that the Pop-Punk three-piece, with its charred delivery and spastic style of stage exploration, emerged from its backstage haunts with the previously referred to Franklin and Dylan Manard of    Blacktop Kids that the audience collectively roared like an animatronic t-rex who was just blinded by a blonde pre-teen with a Jurassic Park issue flashlight.

Maybe it was the addition of Maynard, a fan favorite indeed, or possibly the gift of an encore that set the assemblage ablaze.  But I’d like to chalk it up to those previously mentioned pantaloons adorned by the six-string maestro that is Franklin and the associated cast of characters sporting vintage ’80s attire and Hair-Metal monickers such as Mack Zoyle (Zack Moyle), Muff (Nick Reurode), Izzy Inya (Hector Bonora), and Kitty Blacktop (Maynard), who presented themselves as Booger Sugar, who played a series of com[positions including Bon Jovi’s “Shot Through The Heart,” “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer, Lost In Society original and split single “Not Afraid,” and a rendition of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” that will love in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed it thanks to the Zoyle’s light refracting tights…check out the video below:

Be sure to check out Lost In Society during its final Garden State performance before a tour that take the outfit down to Austin, Texas for the SXSW Festival at The Brighton Bar on March 4th with The Flatliners, Static Radio, Best Of The Worst, and The Scandals.  Doors are at 6:30 p.m. with a cover of $10 to be paid upon admission.

Lost In Society was joined by split-mates American Pinup, the only outfit to have a skank-pit forged in its name by yours truly, Asbury Park punks The Obvious, who ran through an explosive concoction of compositions from its 2010 debut, Bringing Wreck, and few new tunes from the group’s forthcoming release, One Way Ticket To Newark, which, according to front-woman Angie Sugrim, is derived from an inside joke with the producer of said work Pete “The Pete” Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls…stay tuned for more details on that record in an upcoming installment of SIMGE’s new interview series Speaking Out.

Colton Kayser opened the showcase backed by the remaining members of           Karmic Juggernaut  (Kevin Grossman, James McCaffrey, Randy Preston), and local mind altering guitar maestro Doug Mikula, which added a Jam Band underbelly to the front-man’s alluring brand of melodious and hook riddled Acoustic-Punk…an all too intriguing combination indeed.

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