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By Chris Rotolo, The Creator

“I’m Not Ready Yet” by New York Rivals

Photo by Lucia Holm

Owners of SIMGE’s 25th favorite album of 2011, Brooklyn’s own New York Rivals, plucked the cream of its debut 11-song crop, “I’m Not Ready Yet,” and gave the soaring piece of Indie-Rocking Trash-Pop the cinematic treatment, as director and auteur, Dave Szarejko, used an interesting series of cross-fades and overlapping techniques to create a watermark effect of the band performing in The Studio at Webster Hall underneath shots of the outfit at a pinball arcade and another cluttered performance space.  The group is developing its follow up record, an untitled EP with no official release date, so stay tuned for more on that, and check them out at Pianos in New York on February 28th.


“Through The Foam” by Black Wine

Photo by C. Rotolo (Black Wine @ The Lanes)

The Asbury-based Punk-Rock supergroup that is           Black Wine still calls the basements of New Brunswick home and Jeff Schroek (The Ergs), Miranda Taylor (Full Of Fancy), and J. Nixon (Hunchback) proved it earlier this year as the outfit returned to some undisclosed, underground dwelling beneath the Hub City to record its debut music video for “Through The Foam,” a jangly Surf-Rock number plucked from the group’s sophomore full-length release on Don Giovanni Records dubbed Summer Of Indifference.  Watch Schroek sport a bear suit, while his counterparts dress as Lucha libre characters, to defeat a recently released convict and his pimp in this Kate Sweeney directed production below, and see Black Wine for real at The Brighton Bar on March 23rd with The Ribeye Brothers, don’t miss it.


“Foreverless” by Scarlet Carson

Photo by C. Rotolo (Scarlet Carson @ The Stone Pony)

The Jersey Shore’s most charismatic Hard-Rock collective, Scarlet Carson, plucked the title track from its third full-length release, Foreverless, and gave it a dark narrative that features front-man Santino Hollywood riding a barrage of sizzling fret work, provided by the single pseudonym owning axe-wielder Stone and his counterpart Tommy Liccore, into an alcohol drenched whirlpool of emotion as his soul-mate Evey Van Sant (played by Kathryn Bee) seemingly suffers a death-inducing nose bleed.  Check out the Scott Hansen directed video below:


“We Take Care Of Our Own” by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Photo by C. Rotolo (Bruce Springsteen @ Light Of Day '12)

The Boss returned home to downtown Asbury Park a few weeks back to record the music video that would accompany he and the E Street Band’s lead single, “We Take Care Of Our Own,” for the collective’s forthcoming full-length release Wrecking Ball, an 11-song collection featuring appearances by the famed session drummer, producer, and sound engineer Matt Chamberlain, Rage Against The Machine guitar maestro and political activist Tom Morello, and the late great Clarence Clemons on a pair of tunes titled “Land Of Hope And Dreams,” as well as the title track.  The video features various shots of Asbury Park, including the Monroe Ave. train tracks behind The Saint, staged performance clips from inside The Press Room, and a final fade out of folks strolling down Bangs Avenue.  Check it out below…Wrecking Ball drops on March 6th.


“Gold Stars” by Green Paper

Last week, John Komar (Feudalism) brought Patent Pending into his home for the 50th installment of his intriguing music video project, The Village Basement Sessions, an important milestone indeed.  This week, the auteur invited the North Jersey Psychedelia-laced Pop-Rock outfit Green Paper to his humble abode, and the three-man, one-woman fuzz bomb unveiled a new song of the mystical sort named “Gold Stars,” featuring intertwined acoustic fret-play from Tomm Hart and Jeff Lane, a series of soaring tones tapped out by Mike Mendonez on what appears to be an electronic xylophone/drum machine, and an alluring vocal piece by the rarely heard from Natalie Newbold who stepped out from behind the drum kit on this number that, according to Hart, is slated to appear on the group’s eagerly awaited sophomore full-length record Water, for which no official release date has been given.

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