Max Giaccone (Blacktop Kids) And Zack Moyle (Lost In Society) To Play Special Acoustic Show At The Lanes

By Chris Rotolo, The Creator

Photo by C. Rotolo (Max Giaccone @ LOD '12)

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, February 22nd) a staple in many a Asbury music enthusiast’s weekly calendar, Punk Night at Asbury Lanes, was threatened to be much less awesome as Boardwalk-favorite Blacktop Kids announced on Monday that the Monroe, NJ-based outfit would be unable to attend the aforementioned festivities that will be headlined by the Long Beach Island Indie-Punk collective These Branches, whose 2011 release, The Payoff, narrowly missed the cut for SIMGE’s Top 18 EPs of the year list.

However, shows must go on, mosh pit frequenters and music lovers have to get their fix, and a pair of artists, Max Giaccone of Blacktop Kids and Lost In Society’s Zack Moyle, were gracious enough oblige.

Photo by C. Rotolo (Zack Moyle @ LOD '12)

What will take place at 9 p.m. is something special, a performance not be missed, as the pair will present a series of rage tunes in the purest form.  Led by acoustic fret-work, charred vocals, and all the intimacy, ambience, and charisma Asbury’s premier 10-pin penthouse and music locale has to offer, Giaccone and Moyle will still provide the flame encased anger and angst their music is riddled with, but it’ll feel like less of punch to the gut.

It’s still unknown what the set will consist of, in terms of how many songs are performed from each penman’s catalogue, however, this won’t be the first time Moyle has jammed on Blacktop Kids tunes, as he lent his vocal stylings to the group at an Asbury Lanes performance in October 2011 when Giaccone was studying abroad.

Accompanying the pair will be the New Brunswick basement dwelling duo Dads and Philadelphia’s Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe, while fellow LBI outfits Seasonal and the aforementioned These Branches round out the lineup.  Doors are at 8 p.m. with  cover of $8 to paid upon entrance.

Another possibility: NJ Punks have united, and 60% of them will be under one roof on Wednesday.

Members of These Branches, Blacktop Kids, Pat Sullivan & The Knives, and Geoff The Band have joined forces to create a rage-tune supergroup of sorts titled Loud About Living.

                                                                     The five-man squadron includes John Becker (Geoff The Band), Pat Sullivan, the previously referenced Giaccone, as well as Nick Hertzberg and Bryan Batsiste of These Branches.

Could we see the birth, or at least some sort of inaugural performance, of this collaborative effort?  It’s not completely outside the realm of possibilities, though chances are minimal.

Anyway, Giaccone was gracious enough to sit and converse with this journalist about said musical endeavor and here is how he described the conception of this Hertzberg and Batiste brainchild.

“Bryan and Nick posted something about it one day on Facebook,” explained Giaccone.  “It was something they always wanted to do, just a friendly side project. They asked if anyone had any interest and I said I’d love to do some vocals at some point.”

“Things died down a bit after that.  But a few weeks later Nick created the band page, called it Loud About Living, and sent me a few demos of what he was working on.”

According to Giaccone, he’s written lyrics for several demos, the collection of musicians has commenced the rehearsal process, and an EP as well as shows are planned for the near future.

“This is strictly a side project,” stressed the front-man, “we all have our own bands that will always come first, but this is just some kind of collaboration process that I’m very excited to be a part of.”

Bonus interview: Speak Into My Good Eye caught up with Blacktop Kids at the 12th Annual Light Of Day Festival where the outfit played Asbury Lanes with The Obvious, Lost In Society, Wyldlife, and Robert Gordon…then they ate tater tots. It was all captured  below with information about the group’s forthcoming EP, Complex, and other things of the musical nature…check it out:

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