The Bamboozle Announces Armor For Sleep Reunion, Releases After Party Information










New Jersey’s own lords of the Emo-verse, Armor For Sleep, had the plug pulled in 2009 by front-man Ben Jorgensen on a rather successful nine-year run of tunes about committing suicide in a car underwater (“Car Underwater”); how it rains all day, everyday, in heaven (“The Truth About Heaven”); and about caricatures that regret every action taken in the final moments of what is painted by the aforementioned songsmith’s lyrics as a more than clinically depressing existence (“Awkward Last Words”)…Bamboozle-bound music enthusiasts, give thanks: Armor For Sleep has decided to perform a proper farewell for its fruitful fan base at the 10th Annual Fest set to its birthplace, the Boardwalk of Asbury Park.

Jorgensen expressed the band’s interest in a final, one-off, set with a letter to the fest’s founder John D, and have since been slotted to share an opening night (May 18th) lineup with the likes of Skrillex, Incubus, Mac Miller The Wonder Years, Anamanguchi, and more.  Check out an excerpt below and read the whole letter here.

“When Tone mentioned that Bamboozle was back at Asbury Park this year I kind of froze. We kicked around the idea of doing something just to have a book-end on a huge part of our lives that never had an ending. For the first time since we disbanded I felt like playing Bamboozle this year would be the perfect way to officially end what was so special to us and to so many of you as well. So Bamboozle reached out. And we accepted.

We never got to say goodbye and for those of you out there who want to send this out with us once and for all, please join us. I’ve been re-visiting the AFS records and I really want to play some of the old songs for everyone that maybe were left out of our sets at the end of our existence. We played around with the idea of doing strictly a DTMB set or strictly a WTDWYAD set, or both, or neither; not sure what we’ll choose but we’re open to your suggestions.

We have no motivation for doing this other than to get up on stage and say goodbye properly to the people out there who never got the opportunity to see us one last time. Like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap we will strive to “put right what once went wrong”…and then just like him we will poof out of existence. But for good this time- we promise.”

The Bamboozle Brass also released a schedule of after parties scheduled to hit the various Boardwalk haunts throughout the weekend…check it out:


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