No Wine For Kittens Announces Record Release Show, Dropped A New Song, “Summer Seems Hopeless”

Photo by C. Rotolo (No Wine For Kittens @ The Saint)

No Wine For Kittens, featuring the acclaimed local solo artist Rick Barry, has been named The Boardwalk’s Top Indie-Rock outfit for three consecutive years by a voting class of peers at The Asbury Music Awards and finally, details for the group’s sophomore EP, Not Ready Yet, have surfaced.

According to a press release, the record, though slated to be the band’s 10-track debut full-length, has been shortened to include the six best songs in the collection, and will be released on Friday, May 11th at the BandsOnABudget Gallery (630 Mattison Ave.) with an intimate gathering of friends, family, and fans, that is to include an acoustic performance by the band followed by its unveiling of Not Ready Yet.

The event is free to the public, but space is limited so those planning to attend are instructed to RSVP to, and as an additional thank you to the outfit’s loyal fan base, No Wine For Kittens will be providing show patrons with beer, wine, and snacks.

“We really wanted, not only to share this record,” explained Barry, “but to thank our friends and fans for being so patient while we created it.  We wanted to have something intimate, exclusive and free.  BandsOnABudget just seemed like the perfect fit from the start.”

The record will be available in CD and digital formats.  Grab a download of “Summer Seems Hopeless” and check out the rest of the setlist below:

1) Even
2) Summer Seems Hopeless
3) Emily (In Which We Say Hello)
4) Guilty Winds (In Which A Decision Must Be Made)
5) Hey You
6) All Your Things, They Wait For You (In Which We say Farewell)

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