About The Staff/Contact

Chris Rotolo Editor In Chief, Senior Staff Writer, Photos, Videos

Background:Chris graduated from The College Of New Jersey in May 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in both Journalism/Professional Writing and Communication Studies.  He has also held down a position in the Asbury Park Press’ Sports Department since September of 2010 and is a contributor to the outlet’s Arts & Entertainment section, Metromix Jersey Shore, and The Aquarian Weekly.

Mike Mehalick Staff Columnist

Background: Mike graduated
from New York City’s School
Of Visual Arts in 2011 with a
screen writing degree.
Mehalick has held an Editing
position at AOL Video since 2010
and has contributed to Huffington Post
NEWS as well as AOL music sites
such as Spinner and The Boom Box.

Matt Ascone Staff Writer

Background: Matt “Scone” Ascone is one of the best axe wielders you’ve never heard and graduated from Keane University in November with a teaching degree.  He currently enhances the minds of the American youth with his knowledge of the French Revolution, both World Wars, and other historic moments of note.

Past Contributors: Greg Schwartz, John Pfeiffer

Join the staff by contacting SIMGE at: rotolo7123@yahoo.com

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9 Responses to About The Staff/Contact

  1. Ed says:

    good stuff brother!!!

  2. Awesome site Chris! Great articles. I’m keeping it on my favorites bar!
    John Pfeiffer

  3. Idona says:

    Chris! Im impressed but your so awesome I shouldve expected it would be this good! this website is amazing! I love you music choice!

  4. Deni Daehlie says:

    Great Site!! I’m so Proud of You.

  5. paul says:

    chris i enjoyed your article on night in progress very much, long live gonzo

  6. Diana Kloza says:

    Really enjoy your page…keep it up!

  7. I manage Such As Us, an alternative rock group and wondered how to get them on your site. Please get in touch with me to let me know. Love your site!

  8. Amy Malkoff says:

    Hey, awesome sits. Good to see people covering the local music scene, and then some. I was wondering if you had any footage/pics of my band Easy Tiger… It was our CD release show at the Brighton Bar Nov 5th, where you got some press about my good friends’ band, The Riverwinds. Let me know! Thanks 🙂

  9. Dave says:

    God damn it this is gold!

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