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Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why Is Ready To Release Live Album And DVD

On the second and third days of March, Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why filled The Saint to capacity with groove-adoring patrons and and a bevy of psychedelia-laced musical pageantry…and Chris Mumford’s cameras were rolling.  On May 25th, the band will … Continue reading

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Earthman Release New Music Videos

Who knew that under the gruff and sweat-drenced Punk exterior exhibited by            Mike Smith when onstage with The Obvious breathed a soulful crooner capable of driving a composition, not with the powerful bludgeon of his … Continue reading

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The Revamped Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets Played The Saint On Friday

A red curtain dressed one of Asbury’s most storied stages on Friday evening, sending the assemblage into a state of speculatation about what Rock N’ Roll’s Lovely Rebel, Tara Elliott, had in store, many shuttering from the snot dripping growls and howls … Continue reading

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Bebe Buell Set To Host “Women Of Rock Night” At The Saint w/Tara Elliott and Jo Wymer Tonight…Bill Tomms Opens Evening At The Saint

I love Liv Tyler.  Her stunning performance alongside Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk was dripped with raw, human emotion…I came away believing that such a beauty could love a short tempered, chemically engineered beast of the radioactive age.  And tonight, … Continue reading

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Joe Cirotti Of Only Living Boy Reveals New Song, OLB Playing The Saint Next Month

Back on March 15th, Joe Cirotti of the Hackettstown, NJ Hard-Rock outfit  Only Living Boy took to a sofa in the middle of a field as part of the internet-based combatant of the SXSW festiva, Couch By Couchwest, and proceeded to strummed … Continue reading

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Quincy Mumford Reveals New Song At Tony Strollo Benefit, Boss Used His Guitar, Recording Live Show At The Saint

By Chris Rotolo, The Creator Folks at The Press Room on Saturday evening for the musical fundraiser thrown in the name of the recently departed Tony Strollo and his surviving family were blinded by the light careening off the golden soul … Continue reading

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Rick Barry & Co. Played The Saint, Covered The Smiths, With Red Wanting Blue, James Arlowe & The Ruffian Circus

The Ohio by way New Jersey-based Americana-Rock collective, Red Wanting Blue, returned to Asbury Park on Saturday evening to its favorite seaside haunt, The Saint, performing a captivating set that ran well into Sunday morning and spanned the outfit’s vast … Continue reading

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